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Mitochondria's Danzoy

Introducing Mitochondria’s “Danzoy”

Nope, he is not the top banana…

nor is he DC’s “Lobo”…

But he is dubbed the band’s “Main Man.”

Owing to the fact that no matter what the bands cause are… 343 more words

Mitochondria Iligan City

I Never Got To Be A Bass Man

So what’s a bass man anyway? A bass man was a byproduct of the 1950’s and 1960’s; a singer who sang the bass doo wop… 752 more words

Allen E. Rizzi

Ok, since we're here, let's talk about religion.

Point blank. I don’t like it. Like, at all. I’m an Atheist. I have zero belief that there is any higher power at all. What is setting this topic off today is two things. 171 more words

Just Talking

The door is swinging

You guys know how my post yesterday said something about how I have the feeling that every time me and Bass Man had a fight that he was inching to the exit door? 294 more words

Just Talking

Fucking Endless Headaches and A Perfect Boyfriend

I have had an endless headache for over a MONTH AND A HALF! It is killing me. Doctor has given me shots, pills, tricks and tips for stopping it. 1,099 more words

Just Talking

Wish I'd Written That: Michael Chabon (Of Course!)

“The bass man felt his way up and down the fretboard like a blind man reading something passionate in Braille.”

Michael Chabon   Telegraph Avenue  HarperCollins 2012


Guilty Pleasure

This is so not my usual fare. Somehow, and I blame it on 8tracks, I have become a huge Skrillex fan. Its the bass, the bass, man…