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Smells Like Teen Spirit, Oh No Wait, thats Just This Snoof Remix!

   Fookin Snoof does it again! This remix is the best one I’ve heard of Nirvana’s iconic song – Smells Like Teen Spirit. I enjoyed the seamless blend from grunge to bass and back again, Snoof might have just done a thing here. 51 more words



The sax swings freely
rising and falling
on the notes
he coaxes out,
dancing around
the bass’s rhythm,
the brushes caressing
the drum heads.
You close your eyes… 29 more words


Blog rhif 1 / First blog

Tro cyntaf i defnyddio WordPress!! / My first time using WordPress!!

Fretless bass

TSVI: Inner Worlds (Nervous Horizon)

“Tribal”… you know the schtick. All the arguments against cultural appropriation, ‘exoticism’, ‘beat trafficking’, some even say ‘colonialism’, it’s still (and rightly so) a politically charged debate – and you dip your toes in and sample (or poach) from those ponds at your peril. 114 more words



Jason Oosthuizen, well- known South African drummer for Lost&Found and Punk n Roll has decided to broaden his musical horizons to Singer-Songwriter position in the music scene and has replaced his drumsticks with a very attractive Gibson Electric in Oooth. 113 more words


The Invention Of The Bass Guitar. Is The Upright Bass To Blame?

The upright bass and the bass guitar have the same tuning, E, A, D, G. They are played with same techniques, Slap and pop, chords, and plucking. 784 more words

The Many Shapes Of The Upright Bass. Aesthetics or Necessary?

One measly day while playing my upright bass, this random thought appeared to me. Is the shape of my bass necessary? Is the sound of my upright bass really that dependent on the shape of it’s corners? 724 more words