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Who are we?

The Band, Just Alice

We are a three man band from a South Texas town of Portland, Texas. Our name is Just Alice. Our three members consist of Colby Farr on guitar and vocals, Brayden Davis on bass and vocals, and Tyler Neimeier on drums. 149 more words


Fender Deluxe Tweed Case for Precision Bass Guitar

Fender Deluxe Tweed Case for Precision Bass Guitar

Fender® has been using the same cases since the early days of the company. Each Fender Hardshell case is made with the same specifications and the same materials from the good old days. 16 more words

Week 2 - TBT 2017 - Show Me How To Live

Still playing catch up here, with this classic by Audioslave. Tim Commerford’s bass line is just awesome – I love trying to play along with this! 7 more words


Lure fishing for bass in Winter

Lure fishing for bass in Winter

Is it worth the effort?

Yes, definitely!

There are of course, far fewer bass around in the Winter months, there’s no doubting that. 2,132 more words

How To Catch Bass

On Repeat: "12 Black Rainbows" Type O Negative

This is one of my fav songs and occasionally I get re-addicted. For “12 Black Rainbows” this is sometimes more than once a year.

I first get hooked with the chugging guitars and “oh”s in the intro. 145 more words

Putting The Band Back Together (Mission from God and all that)

When I sit down to write, I normally play some of my favorite “writing music”. Examples? Any Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother being in the lead), some unplugged rock albums ( 584 more words
Writing First

How To Fish And Do It Well

I was searching for a pocket fishing guide for a trip with my family. Ended up finding the best fishing utility ever. Found it in the form of a mobile app…and this app is a gem. 45 more words