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Mystery,what will he do?

    Mystery: What will Lester do?When your space is invaded, and you feel bullied.  What can you do?  A Bassett Hound is a known bird dog.  Laying down like a beaten dog is not the answer, typically Lester just sits there and barks.   68 more words

DIY; Dog Water Bowl Stand

Alright, when we only had one dog, Penny, things were easy. Everyday we gave her food, water and attention of various sorts and she was happy. 647 more words


Nose Knows.

She NEVER stops sniffing.  Sniff addiction.  185/365

365 Day Project

June Puppy and Kitten Pics!

Here they are! A selection of my cutest pictures from this month. I should note, I do not post my absolute favorite pictures. I post my second favorite pictures. 193 more words


Trump Dog.

Nellie just HAD to get in to the heavy political discussions in our house these days.  She got a little help making the face and the “hair” with her ear.  She’s WINNING! 177/365 

365 Day Project

Basset Hounds

‘Let’s get a puppy. I’ve researched the breed and they don’t require much walking. I need something more manly I can’t walk a hairless dog anymore.’ He said. 515 more words