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Every Sunday after church in the fall to late winter there was a staple dish I looked forward too. It was " Sweet Tater Punkin' ".

My grandmother on my Daddy’s side never used a recipe that I was aware of. And every dadgum thing she cooked was so good I can taste it this very day. 52 more words

Basset Hound

Love is Blind

Love is Blind

So is my dog

I tell him I love him with gentle pats and words

He tells me he loves me with his head on my knee… 126 more words

Basset Hounds

The Dog-Eared Page: Hurricane Edition

I do a lot of reading. I’m pretty much a self-taught basset, so I like to keep up on the latest sustainability news. So every week or so I’d like to offer you a collection of stories I’ve been reading about sustainability, resilience, conservation–you know, wherever my nose leads me. 148 more words