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I am boring, which is awesome...

Saturday, Penny had her first of three injections* for her heartworm treatment.  For the last two months we have been attempting to train both dogs and ourselves for the eventual 12 weeks of restricted activity, which means that we’ve been carrying Penny up/down the stairs and teaching Duke to stay out from underfoot, while following along, for the times when I would be walking both dogs by myself when my husband is out of town.   367 more words

Natural Light Photography

Happy Two Month Anniversary, Pups! ...

Two months ago we adopted two basset hounds, it has been a busy and wonderful 8 weeks! :D

They are acclimating rather nicely. :D Occasionally they will nap together on the same bed, but it wasn’t until this one evening that they positioned themselves face to face rather than butt to butt… 14 more words

Natural Light Photography


I have a dog now.
He looks like a wrinkly and
long-eared lemon drop.

Haiku Project

Children and Dogs: Not Always a Happy Ending

This is the saddest blog I’ve ever had to write.

Before Wilbur, there was our ‘first born’. Her name is Mabel, Mabes, Mabel the dog, Babylee, and she’s possibly the world’s naughtiest basset hound. 1,194 more words

The Story So Far

Canine Corner: Lola

Lola had a rough upbringing, but now she is healthy and just needs a new home. She was brought to Legacy Humane Society after spending her entire life tied to a chain outside. 220 more words


What have we done?

My fiancee and I had decided it was time we add another member to our family. After discussing different breeds, she wanted an English Bulldog, I was happy with any dog. 398 more words

Basset Hound

Basset Hound Dog Pattern (Fabric)

Popular Basset Hound Pattern:-

The Basset Hound dog breed was bred for hunting small game such as rabbits and is still used for this purpose in some parts of the country. 56 more words

Dog Pattern