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Heidi Soaks Up The Sunshine

After her lunch while the bloodhounds and I were in the back, Heidi snuck off to the front yard where the sunshine was the hottest. These pictures were taken 30 minutes apart and she never moved for almost an hour.

Basset Hound

For the Love of Fred

My memories from childhood all seem to include one of the many pets who were a part of our family over the years. One of my earliest is of sitting in my grandpa’s lap watching my uncle’s cat give birth. 553 more words


Earliest Memory

My dog…

I had a beautiful dog when I was a child. She was a purebred Basset Hound and I loved her very much. She was my first companion and we would go everywhere together. 563 more words


March 2017: Puppy and Kitten Pics

Got some cute ones last month and, of course, already started taking more for this month!

It is impossible to keep the couch fur-free with those tails swishing around! 162 more words


made the Basset Hound famous with their advertising…the name of their dog?  “Biggles”


March Monthly Favorites

March is typically a pretty dull month. It’s not quite spring, but there’s never enough snow to make it look like a winter wonderland, so we’re stuck right in the middle. 244 more words


Heidi Is Alive And Well

With the thermometer needle moving above 60°, Heidi decided to make an outdoor appearance just to let everyone know that she is alive and well.

Basset Hound