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151 Carving texture. Max’s friend(thanks Dr. Seuss).

There are many things to remember, to think about, to include in a wood carving. One carving skill to work at is texture. The carver’s goal is to create a texture that enhances the piece presented. 162 more words


148. Hand carved, Old Tar. Don’t rock the boat.

Maybe too many Popeye cartoons. Maybe a tough day at the office. Whatever the reason, this Old Tar isn’t too happy, even if he knows the ropes. 98 more words


146 Hand carved. Sperm whale ala Moby fame.

There is much to like in this piece. The driftwood base and the whale work well together. And while the whale does not have the girth of a real whale, the coloring and markings are pleasing. 49 more words


144 Carving. Rustic cabin in basswood.

Swirling snow, howling winds, temperatures frozen at minus something, and darkness far too early. A good thing to think about on a sweltering summer day. It was 106 in Beijing, China the week this post was crafted. 109 more words


Kumiko or "down the rabbit hole!"

The expression of “down the rabbit hole” came from Greg Merritt who writes a blog called HillBilly Daiku.  He’s been doing some Kumiko woodworking and got me intrigued, I laid some of the blame on him and his response was that he didn’t mind shouldering some of the it!   517 more words

10 Board Feet + 5.5 Hours = ??

How long did it take you to make that?  Many times that’s one of the first things people will ask when they see a custom crafted item.   633 more words

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