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Bast - Goddess of protection against evil spirits

I am not a fan of synthetic lightning;

OK I’ll rephrase that: I have no clue on how to work with flashes and strobes, nor do I have any lighting equipment to speak of. 42 more words


Fear and the Deities - Wicca subject of the week

Hello everyone,

I actually came upon this subject in a forum I frequent. So I thought I would discuss it as the Wicca subject of the week. 234 more words

Wicca Subjects

Possibly NSFW Bastet

From Warrior-Lioness Goddess to Protector Goddess of Ancient Egypt, either way she’s still a furry. And I wonder how many people will see the title and think “oh, that must be really, really bad.” 653 more words



The goddesses who have sought me out are so different from me. Bast and Inanna both are goddesses of love, of sensuality and sexuality, of hot desert days and cold desert nights. 197 more words



I don’t know if I’ll see you again, Little Flame, and the thought breaks my heart. I’m sorry I can’t be by your side while you struggle to live. 204 more words



I am hesitant to approach, to even write or utter Your name, but still I sense Your vast, ancient presence all around me. Great Lady, are You truly reaching out to me? 150 more words



in sharp feline eyes
knowledge of the ages burns
pure divinity

Lady, transport me
to the time Your children ruled
not man’s cruelty

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