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Prince har dött.

Så du tycker inte att Prince är 80-talets bästa popartist?



nothing to say for a while here, just a great stillness within and maybe the merest ripples on the surface, just the wind playing over the water, though, not anything of any real consequence passing beneath, but last night at least a precious gift from the Mother, two of the lost ones, most faithful and beloved of sons, and my dream tears as I held them in my arms and thanked them for coming, for visiting, for reminding me I am never alone and that they watch over me always, spirits that walk all worlds, souls that reach through time, and even if I have nothing to say this morning I am still grateful for that, for them, for Her



How do I know any of this is real? What proof do I have that can stand against the test of science? None. I have no proof you can hold in your hand; I have no evidence you can examine in a lab. 129 more words


Dua Wenut : My March Hare

The past two weeks have been rough. Two weeks ago on Tuesday my husband and I were told to run up to Cleveland to visit his grandma. 171 more words


Sacred Space, Day 2

Gwdihŵ has sort of declined to write up his incomplete notes, so you’ll really just be getting my experience of the conference except where we attended an event together, I’m afraid.   2,218 more words


Barracks Art Studios Thirroul

Barracks Art Studios Thirroul  (BAST) members  Invite you to visit the studios on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April 2016 for the Thirroul Seaside and Arts Festival 2016… 83 more words

Recognising The Value Of Cultural Arts

Vintage Japanese Hand Spliced Hemp Thread

When this thread arrived from Japan there were small bits of newspaper from the 40’s or 50’s clinging to some of the threads. I assume they were packed away in a weavers workshop for many years. 79 more words