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In collaboration with Chaos Theory Promotion (www.chaostheorymusic.co.uk) here we’re with a new interesting interview collected in occasion of THE FACEMELTER! Chaos Theory is celebrating its fifth year of activities and in occasion of this massive birthday party, they’ve decided to book some of the most incredible bands organizing amazing shows all over the capital and amongst those they’ve got the heavy Facemelter nights!!! 234 more words


Who is The Goddest Bast / Diosa Bast

Bast, Bastet, Ubastat, She of the Ointment Jar, Perfumed Protector, Eye of Ra, Egyptian Cat Goddess of Felines, Love, Sexuality, Beauty and Protection.

Bastet was a goddess in ancient Egyptian religion, worshiped as early as the Second Dynasty (2890 BC). 414 more words


Queen of Sheba (Champion House Cat)

Queeny came down to the pool to tell those Coyotes to stop all that howling.  By the Great Goddess Bast, didn’t they know others were trying to hunt too.

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Crazy busy. Crazy feelings. Crazy weather.

Its amazing how quickly time can pass when things are happening nearly everyday. Work has been at an all time high. 305 more words

Making Scents of it All

I have been highly sensitive to smell for a very long time.  I don’t remember it in my earliest spiritual memories and I cannot really identify when this first started happening, but essentially it means that “someone” is around.   703 more words


Re-birth and Inspiration: My Two Mothers

Life happens sometimes, and mine has exploded with excitement over the last six months or so, forcing me to put my blog on the back burner. 549 more words