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BAST Live Performance at The Leo Luau Festival

“We felt really luck to have BAST play our Leo Luau on August 20th. About 2 weeks later they were voted Best Live Rock Band in Atlanta by Creative Loafing. 96 more words


Research: Bast or Baset

In my early days of writing, I concocted a story where the Egyptian goddess Bast cursed a son of pharaoh.

Bast or Baset was a popular goddess in ancient Egypt. 129 more words



Mother, I fear.
Mother, I grieve.
Mother, I rage.
Mother, I hurt.

I want to keep hoping but reality’s too bleak. I want to keep dreaming but I can’t deny the truth. 340 more words


Day 4: The Secret Life of Cats

We have always been cat people. With as much as we are on the go, dogs are just too high maintenance and require a lot more attention than cats do. 725 more words

Samhain / All Hallows' Eve Online Ritual by Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple

The Spirit’s Edge Shamonial Temple had its in-person Samhain / All Hallows’ Eve Ritual and Salon on Sat., Oct. 29. While this online version is a greatly pared down version of our in-person ritual, though a little more involved than some of our online rituals, it is powerful in its own right and will connect you with the greater working of our Temple. 2,418 more words

Finding Bast

As I plunge into kemetic polytheism,the hardest part is not the fundamental ideas. No, it’s the pantheon that’s giving me trouble.

Unlike the hellenic pantheon, the kemetic pantheon is a little…squishy. 234 more words



these disparate strands
Mother, teach me how to weave
that I may be whole