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these disparate strands
Mother, teach me how to weave
that I may be whole


Blir lite emotionell såhär på kvällskvisten – att jag har så fantastiska föräldrar? Att mamma tog sig hit, hämtade på sjukhuset och tog hand om mig i två dagar? 24 more words


The Lineup

I searched high and low for any bast; through my personal stash of yarn, and then checked the work boxes just in case I missed any scraps! 425 more words


Ushabti, Ubasti

I’ve gone long without speaking or devotion to Mother. Something that when I went out today, that I would correct. I specifically went to shops looking for something that I may add to the altar for my deities. 86 more words


Offerings and more

Hey! I’m just here to say that, now, everyday, when I go to lunch or dinner, I offer the food and the water I consume to the… 207 more words


Connect to the Gods

So.. Yes. I just started my path and the first thing I’ll do is to connect to the Gods I think are calling me or I just want to because I seem to like them. 313 more words


Wep Ronpet: In Review

Well, it turned out that I mostly ended up doing a very short meditation on the deity in question on the day-of, after queuing most of the shrine images and the “about this deity” posts on my kemetic tumblr in advance.  369 more words