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Five Inconsequential Questions from Black Panther

To say Black Panther is a hit would be kind of an understatement. It’s already made a little more than $25 million since Thursday and it projected to make around $170 million once the weekend is through. 1,789 more words

Fiefo's Editorial

Connections Between Vibranium, Bast, And The Astral Plane

Theories surrounding the Soul Stone being in Wakanda aren’t dead yet, so I figured I’d pose a counter-theory rather than attempt to do some more debunking… 611 more words

Doctor Strange

Two Things I Love About Black Panther

I watched the movie Black Panther last night. Relished every moment of the movie. I won’t give away details. I’ll only discuss two things I loved about Wakandan culture. 626 more words


Bastet the Feline Goddess

Although the Egyptian goddess Bastet (or Bast) is best known for her domestic cat motif, she seems to have begun as a fearsome lion goddess like Sekhmet. 102 more words


10 Things You Didn't Know About Bastet

Bastet: Lady of Joy and Slaughter

Also cats.
  1. Titles include Eye of Ra, Mother of Cats, Lady of Joy, Little Lioness, The Lady of Dread, The Lady of Slaughter.
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Prelude II

Read Prelude (the first bit) HERE

… the story so far … Childhood of major suckitude … searching for spiritual meaning … my first encounter with meditation … end up in front of an ancient tree … and away we go … 1,574 more words


On Bast

We live in a vast universe. The spirits of Ancient Egypt, skilled in Shamanism, are perfectly equipped to navigate it. Their anthropomorphic natures give them inherent skills and highly evolved senses human beings lack. 496 more words