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Little Kitty

For Day 21 of Nanomargarine or whatever…this is for Brendan’s prompt over at Real Toads, 30 in 30.  This is about an animal of myth or legend or as I like to call it, after one of my favorite movies, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  225 more words

General Poetry

On Bast (Akashic Fringe)

Being a mythology and occult enthusiast, I created an affiliate blog “Akashic Fringe,” dedicated to my interest in magic, Tarot and gnostic spirituality. 276 more words


The Goddess Bast

We live in a vast universe. The spirits of Ancient Egypt, skilled in Shamanism, are perfectly equipped to navigate it. Their anthropomorphic natures give them inherent skills and highly evolved senses human beings are still developing. 495 more words


Water Purifications

Water purifications



In Quanyin practice on Friday, Quanyin suggested we should do water purifications over the weekend, and as the dark moon is tonight, that seemed entirely appropriate. 163 more words

The Vow of Bast

I am the Moon Goddess of the North and Sun Goddess of the South.

I am the Glory of Bubastis and the Eye of Ra.                                                                                  … 125 more words


Movie Review: Black Panther

I’m still stunned that the movie Black Panther is getting so many positive reviews.  It wasn’t that good of a movie in my opinion.

Before I get to why I won’t allow my kids to watch it, I want to point out a couple of things. 1,526 more words


Five Inconsequential Questions from Black Panther

To say Black Panther is a hit would be kind of an understatement. It’s already made a little more than $25 million since Thursday and it projected to make around $170 million once the weekend is through. 1,789 more words

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