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Lying Digital Bastards

This is a photograph of my first serious camera. It was built in 1978. I bought it in 1996 for one hundred & fifty pounds from a pawn shop in north London. 930 more words

Blog Post

Everything's Up In The Air (again...)

As ever, it’s been a million years since I last wrote. But much has been going on in my life. The first grand event was the ending of the course I started three years ago (which I started mainly because I needed to put off life in the real world for a bit). 920 more words


If you have to light a fire, is summer over?

Years ago, before the kids, B and I drove from round here to the South for a week or so, sleeping on the sofa bed in one of her great aunts’ houses. 346 more words


Will I miss it?

Inspired by Twitter’s top philosopher (or top Twitter philosopher) @guylongworth, this post is.

A few years ago, I used to think about retiring to France and worried about missing a few things from the UK. 1,156 more words


The Guardian Problem

So the Guardian lost £69 million, wiping a huge chunk of its Scott Trust cash cushion in the process. Print ad revenue is down, and so is online ad revenue. 683 more words


The Neophytic Swarm

School holidays! Apparently! I was in town. And there they were.

The future of tomorrow.