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The Neophytic Swarm

School holidays! Apparently! I was in town. And there they were.

The future of tomorrow.



The last thing the world needs right now is another column inch about Corbyn, so here are several.

I’m no psephologist but I know what one is, and I know they’ve all done the maths, concluding that Labour under Corbyn will not be able to persuade those I’m-all-right-Jacks in the Southeast of Englandland to vote for him. 554 more words


Enemies of the Nap

Ahhhhh…the Lake Nap – it deserves capitals- it is a hallmark of Lake Life.
I don’t sleep enough during the week, so weekend lake naps are imperative. 774 more words

Lake Life

He Seems Nice

Future-former Senator Ron Johnson tells us that insurers should be free to cancel your health insurance, especially if you have cancer:

Q: I know Richard Murdock had said even though businesses should give people, for instance, with cancer, health coverage, they shouldn’t be legally required by the federal government. 128 more words


How Game Of Thrones' Battle Of The Bastards Was Made

(Source: kotaku.com)


Because giants aren’t real and hurting actual horses is bad, the production team behind Game of Thrones had some challenges to overcome when drawing up and filming the show’s epic Battle of the Bastards. 185 more words