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Charles Bragg

Charles Bragg, Brother of Joseph

Charles Bragg, son of Joseph Bragg and Mary Tapp and brother to Joseph Bragg, has some interesting facts attached to his tenure on earth: He was born 1692 in Old Rappahannock, VA and died 1759. 1,077 more words

Family History

On being the eldest

I have four siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. That makes me the eldest of five.

Most of the time I would say I’m very loving and maternal towards them. 78 more words

The Problem With

Too Good A Bastard

I’m having a bit of trouble lately. It’s an odd sort of trouble. The novel I’m writing has a character in it that is, well, a bastard. 138 more words


Career moves

If I ever give any time to the reasons why a person might want to become an MP, I come up short. There are going to be a few who do it because they want to make a difference, have fire in their bellies and want to serve the public. 338 more words


Dear married men...

Yes, you know how to play the game well. You’ve been personally trained. You come on smooth and know when to shut up or open a door or pull a chair out for a lady but no. 403 more words

Journal Entry

Big brother is watching you

After the meeting I had with Muslim yesterday evening, I had a chat with various people within my department today, it dawns (not really) on me that the Sikh has been more ‘mouthy’ than I thought. 301 more words