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P.J. O'Rourke

“Don’t vote, it just encourages the bastards.”

-P.J. O’Rouke


It's Too Late to Stop Now – Sinatra/Basie

I’ve been listening again to these two albums recently, and have been struck by a certain peculiarity across the two. Released a decade or so apart, they have more in common than you might think, but they both sound a little odd to my ears. 1,225 more words



Being at home is hard.
I think the fact that I was away for those three days has made it harder to put up with my family’s dumb and annoying shit. 164 more words

Life Problems

T{he} (bast{ar}d) ga{me} of l[if]e

If he be me, then the game of life

is truly a horrendous game.

And so they pepper your perceptions

with nasty connections to show you… 69 more words


Falling Off the Wagon

I was looking at my weigh-in chart on the side bar and noted where I was this time last year, as opposed to where I am now: 662 more words



I hate this sign, not merely because it makes you think that someone has been mutilating cats (or offering to mutilate cats), but because it is the avatar of the UK’s gradual descent to the status of a developing nation rather than an advanced economy. 202 more words


Bastards begin brain baffling bullshit on Brexit/Bremain 

Bastard politicians and celebrities are excitedly gearing up to campaign for votes on whether to stay in or leave the EU.

Current polls show that the decision is going to be ‘tight’, meaning insufferable bastards on both side of the campaigns are expected to feed the public with unprecedented levels of bullshit. 182 more words