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The problem of "Aegon" VI

‘Aegon’/Young Griff and Jon Connington/Griff by Steamey on Deviant Art

If ASOIAF is an epic, then AGOT-ASOS was Act 1.

AFFC/ADWD brought on a new set of themes and characters, as we stopped the unrelenting pace that characterised the first three books, and paused for a breather before the War for Dawn (that 95% of characters have no clue is coming….) 3,243 more words

Character Analysis

2 months ago, a lifetime later

It’s been two months since I wrote a rather bland “letter to nobody”, stating that I will start my blog the next day, on Monday. 514 more words

Forgiveness Poem, Leila Samarrai

To feel blue–
what is it?
a faded fire
in the eyes?
a numb hand on my chest
as I lay dying, among the graves? 159 more words


Danger book

It’s one of those been there done that and somehow survived life experiences. At first it seems friendly, it ropes you in because your young and stupid. 254 more words

Latest Rants

The continuing frustrations of Apple Music

The ‘functional high ground’ argument is in the air again, with various tech journalists and podcasters weighing in with their opinions on various parts of Apple software. 1,140 more words


The State vs. the State vs. Adnan Syed

I have of course been following the Adnan Syed post-conviction relief hearing on the Twitter and via podcast updates. These hearings can only take place if the defence team has new evidence to present, which means their scope is very limited, and cannot, for example, continue arguments from the original trial, or include stuff like, hey, the internet thinks Jay was probably lying. 1,209 more words


Always More Bastards

My Czech teacher, Mirek, talks in class about what it is like living your life in a country full of such frequent, abundant, radical change. He says it does not feel like that – it is just a changing of the guards. 257 more words