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Hektor's Bastards and His "Good" Wife

Listen, I know Hektor gets a lot of love in the world and he is often seen as the one good man in a rather bad world. 798 more words


Patrick Conolly: a Derby winner

It is Derby day today so I thought I would write about a Derby-winning jockey from the past. Patrick Conolly (sometimes spelt Connolly, Conelly or Connelly) won the race twice, in 1834 on Plenipotentiary and in 1841 on Coronation. 922 more words

Family History

The Dawes/Morley family of Northwood

Before I leave the Dawes of St Helens I want to look at a family who probably had no connection with Sophie Dawes, Baronne de  Feuchères, in spite of the fact that they shared a name and lived on the Isle of Wight. 1,768 more words

Family History

Beware of girls from Matrimony, they here for only money.

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Last year this time, I had a tough situation to cope with. 531 more words

Breaking: Paul Ryan Lies Again

Yesterday, the House passed a bill that rolls back a large chunk of Dodd-Frank, the YUGE financial reform bill that gave banks new rules to try to prevent another massive financial meltdown like the banks destroyed the world’s economy during Chimpy’s Reign of Error. 154 more words

Zombie-eyed Granny-starving

Grifters Gotta Grift: Kushner Edition

Hey guys, remember the other day when Comrade Stupid pretty much accepted a bribe to remove sanctions on China’s ZTE technology company 72 hours after the Trump Company got an offer to build hotels, golf courses, and condos for some sort of resort, all of which was financed by China? 362 more words

Chimpy's Economic Disaster

The Avis scam

This post was originally to let off steam about an obvious attempt to palm me off an obviously damaged car and later ping me for the repair bill. 2,424 more words