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Prostitution: the activity or business of having sex with people for money

Why would they do that?

Is it because they like it ? Or because of the bad economy of the country ? 363 more words


To shisha or not to shisha

With recently being a newly graduate free time is endless, don’t be too jealous. As most people know University graduate’s don’t have the best of luck getting job’s. 136 more words

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Step Right Up: Ah! Kosmos

Interview with Ah! Kosmos.

“I work on a song like a meditation, I’m trying to get to a state where my mind stops talking so that I can reflect transparently what’s going on inside.” 1,389 more words


HBO Developing Adaptation Of Israeli Drama 'Nevelot' From Happy Madison

HBO has put in development Bastards, a drama based on the Israeli series Nevelot. The project, from Sony TV, studio-based Happy Madison and Alan Poul’s Boku Films, is being written by playwright Branden Jacobs Jenkins ( 156 more words

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One's use of profound word's to sound intellectual

These type of people absolutely irritate me to the core!!! Why on earth do these people insist on using words only a lawyer would use. Those type of word’s that make no scene to anybody unless you were born with a silver spoon up your arse. 131 more words

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How about a "GTFO" Act instead?

As in, “Get The Fed Out” Act.  (What were you thinking?)  It seems that Fed Chairman Chairwoman Janet Yellen is upset that Congress is considering passing something called… 159 more words


Bastard Hall of Fame: Francisco Scaramanga

Like a bulbous child engorged on sweets and ice cream, every James Bond outing is bursting at the seams with bastards and bad guys. And like clockwork, James would swoop in and foil their plans left and right, shag their women, and beat them to the tune of a Shirley Bassey song. 3,943 more words