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Fellowes, Julian. Belgravia.

NY: Grand Central Publishing, 2016.

The famous ball hosted by the Duchess of Richmond in Brussels in June 1815, while Napoleon’s resurgent armies moved in on the city, is one of the great cultural icons in modern British history. 642 more words

Character Study

People, what a bunch of bastards!

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Alright. Blog time no see! (See what I did there? 1,581 more words


The War on Cash

Dr. Kenneth Rogoff, PhD from MIT, says that the Federal Reserve should reduce the amount of cash in the economy to fight crime:

It’s time to reduce the amount of physical cash floating around the globe to help combat tax evasion and other illicit activities, Harvard professor and renowned economist Ken Rogoff told CNBC on Tuesday.

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Government Shenanigans

Machine Head's Robb Flynn Shares New Folk Song "Bastards"

Robb Flynn (Machine Head) has posted footage of him performing a new folk song titled “Bastards.” The track was written in wake of Donald Trump’s disappointing win, and the racism that has been popping up as a result of it. 431 more words


Ni l'un ni l'autre. Nous sommes tous bâtards. (Neither one nor the other. We are all bastards.)

‘Rien du tout, ou tout tout de suite.
Du tout au tout, indécis.’

Do they intrigue you as they do me?
A word… one, two, three meanings, all different. 589 more words

Shifting paradigms while Rome burns

1. Copernican revolutions

Changing people’s minds is a hard, hard thing. When Copernicus correctly identified our heliocentric solar system, it was not an overnight “revolution” as it is often characterised, but the culmination of over a thousand years of observations not matching the dominant model. 1,228 more words


“I would like to adjust my programming”

I was watching Westworld, and it struck me how, like the robots, we’re all subject to our own particular programming, and we’re all trapped in some kind of narrative, leading lives of torment or quiet desperation. 756 more words