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Ooh! Ooh! Mr. Kotter!!!

Thieves stole data from an IRS website, and Congress wants to know how they did it:

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch has requested a confidential briefing by IRS officials by the end of next week.

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Stupid People

Culture Club

Well I’ve learnt a lesson this week. Actually, I’ve learnt a few, all in one go.

Let’s go back to last Wednesday night: after going to bed I heard noises and just thought it was the neighbours. 737 more words


Schiele take a bow

Saw an incredible show at the Leopold Museum in Vienna at the weekend, about Egon Schiele’s relationship with his muse Wally Neuzil. I adore Schiele’s vibrant, erotic watercolours; his… 140 more words

Lessons Learned in Burgess Park #1-4

#ā€ŽLessonslearnedinBurgessParkā€¬ #1

Swans are not remotely arsed by aggressive dogs attempting to intimidate them from the safety of dry land. They will remain impassive, barely a metre away, and stare at the dog doing its yappy best. 235 more words

The Unaffordable Care Act

Now that everyone is forced to buy health insurance, the insurance companies are turning the screws:

According to a report published Friday in the The Wall Street Journal, health insurers are requesting the right in many states to increase premiums by upwards of 50%.

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Government Shenanigans

Father help us

Mommy can’t feed her children
Ms. Atlanta’s bastards are starving
So the children cry
But Mommy turns a blind eye
Then asks her chillin why… 30 more words


The Importance of the Human Rights Act (Angry Rant)

This post will be a lot more informal than most because I want to swear a lot.

The fact that the Conservatives want to get rid of the Human Rights Act is a fucking disgrace. 584 more words

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