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Call us crazy, but our latest “horse intervention” is a group of 4 weanlings from the Rock Creek Auction.  The four sorrel’s in the picture are ours, while the black filly was purchased by a new friend who lives in Siren.  707 more words


Affiliate post: Minions shirts at Tee Fury

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Batnana Nana by Ian Leino and Frozen Banana by DJKopet

If you like this shirt remember to use the links in this post.  15 more words


One page of a steampunk Batman issue I wrote.

I love gears and steampower. I love batman. Obvious conclusion here. All rights belong to whomever they belong to.

Easter Eggs in Comic Book TV Shows and Movies

Comic book readers are geeks. People who watch comic book movies and superhero shows on TV are geeks. Know who else are geeks? The writers and production staff of said shows. 1,178 more words

Imagine Dragons --Monster

Yeah.today I got a stomache again,it’s kinda painful but I do not the reason I become so bad in my belly…

In fact.I am not a really prefect person when I’m alone I will start thinking something negative so I choose to sing a song and read some inspirational articles for balance and becoming more positive.HAHA,but I’m a leader and always inspire others but when I walk alone I am so negative.This is a tricky things but I think you could feel it.I think I’m looked like as a batman,kinda dark and negative but what he does is justice…a good,is positive~ 37 more words


Welcome to The Batman Nerd

I’d like to welcome every one of you to The Batman Nerd, a blog about my life and passion for Batman. I will post cool things I find and own, as well as news and cool information about our favorite Caped Crusader. 44 more words