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It's a Fantasy, It's a Sci-fic, It's Superhero fiction.

Genre is a category of an art. when it comes to superhero films it is often getting categorized under either fantasy or science fiction but, it has its own throne in game of genre’s it is called as superhero fiction for a reason because it follows set of story arc and based on that it impacts audience though it is adaptation of comics into screen the genre’s core intention is to leave goosebumps into audience which in return makes box office of millions for the creators, producers and directors. 675 more words

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Trước khi trở thành siêu điệp viên của tổ chức Kingsman, Eggsy là một đứa trẻ mất cha và là chàng trai mới lớn mất hết hi vọng sống, cậu ta sống với mẹ và bị cha dượng đánh đập hành hạ, bị đám du thủ du thực bắt nạt. 329 more words

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Female Comic Book Characters I Think are Awesome Part III.

Here is the last part of this continuing blog post, with 5 more ladies from the comics that are amazing.


Alison Hargraves AKA The Rumor AKA #00.003.   1,735 more words

Karen Gillan Wants to play the Joker in the next Batman Movie

Speaking at SuperCon a few weeks ago Karen Gillan has said that she wants to play the Joker in the next Bat-Man Movie, it would be a good time to do a Joker Gender swap and Karen Gillan would be an interesting option even if her current Marvel Contract makes thing difficult: 54 more words

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Comic Con, because where else are you going to see a Spartan doing... whatever he is doing... with two gnomes???

I don’t know what’s in that helmet… but I really wish I did…

And then there is this guy… and the girl behind him… but that isn’t the funny part… 140 more words