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Back to the Bat Cave

Celebrate the golden age of tv superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, Smallville, Super Boy, the Flash, Captain America in “Age of TV Heroes” by Jason Hofius, George Khoury, $39.95 cloth.   32 more words


Book Review: Emmet's Guide to Being Awesome

It is book week at my mum’s school and when book week happens they usually set up these huge book buying tables.

Yesterday my mum brought ne a book from one of these book buying tables. 104 more words

always helpful

Day 3 of the great sickness of 2015: so… very… weak…  can… only… eat… semi-solids… it’s… a… good… thing… i… drew… this… in… advance… GAH   -dies-


The saga continues

that’s right!  Last week’s one weeker JUST WASN’T ENOUGH to fully express the awesomeness of flying rat man.  Have a great monday everyone!



just in case you wanted to read FLYING RAT MAN’s full back story, here it is:

“It all started when my parents were BRUTALLY MURDERED one night after a performance of MADAME BUTTERFLY.   126 more words



the plot twist that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SAW COMING!

Have a great wednesday! ;)

EDIT: oops, there’s a typo in the second panel!  i’ll fix it later.