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Trini Lopez – If I Had A Hammer


Real-Time Analysis in Chemical Processing

Chemical processing and other batch manufacturing operations are becoming increasingly complex. Manufacturers today need to have a fast response time when quality issues arise and when equipment requires maintenance. 561 more words

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Retention Time Reference Compounds Used For Correcting Chromtographic Drift

TraceFinder has an option to allow the user to set a reference compound to assist in corrections of retention time drift.

The feature is the same implementation that has been a part of the Xcalibur feature set for over 20 years and is well characterized. 186 more words

Method Development

Batch Processing Showcae

Geoprocessing, can often be complex, technical and time-consuming.  To often, an analyst’s valuable time and attention is consumed by a large scale or routine dataset, that could be completed automatically with scripting. 299 more words

Data Management & Creation

Batch processing atmospheric correction using ARCSI

Previous posts have covered atmospheric correction using the Atmospheric and Radiometric Correction of Satellite Imagery (ARCSI) software. When a large number of scenes require processing then commands to automate steps are desirable and greatly simplify the process. 830 more words

General Remote Sensing

Reverse Engineering Data-flow in a Data Platform with Thousands of tables?

Ever been tasked to inherit, or migrate an existing (legacy) Data Platform? There are numerous Open Source (Hadoop/Sqoop, Schedulix …) and Commercial tools ( 491 more words

Enterprise Architecture