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About Mohamed Elshorbagy

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Mohamed Elshorbagy currently ranks #1 squash player in the world. Elshorbagy, originally from Alexandria, Egypt, joined the PSA in 2006 at only 15-years old. 346 more words

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Things to do in NYC This Summer

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This summer, don’t let the city heat and crowded weekend subways keep you from spending an adequate amount of time enjoying the outdoors in NYC. 340 more words

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The Reclamation

This is a short one. Since Im looking like hot garbage these days, workouts are in order.

It never gets easier as you get older…. Im happy my enthusiasm hadn’t died. 20 more words

Movie Quote of the Day!

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”
-Norman Bates, Psycho (1960)

Mother’s day, is it?
Also, I’d like to recommend Bates Motel. Do watch the tv series if you want an insight into the making of Norman Bates. 7 more words

Movie Quote Of The Day!

Anyone Watching Bates Motel?

I started watching Bates Motel and it has a very good portrayal of emotionally abusive mother. She is the victim/passive abuser towards her son. Anybody watching this one? 7 more words

The British Open Squash Championships

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The British Open Squash Championships is the oldest, most established, and one of the most respected tournaments in the game of squash. 338 more words

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