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Richmond is the new San Francisco.

Oblivious to a 65% increase in the eviction cases, Richmond rejected a timid 45-days moratorium. By Fernando A. Torres. LatinOpen.

Richmond is the new San Francisco. 676 more words


Wait with bated breath as I tell you about Bates Motel... (I am on FIRE with my puns this week)

Okay so as you can see by the title (the hilarious title I may add) today’s post is going to be about Bate’s Motel. So on Sunday I started watching this show on the recommendations of my friends. 592 more words


How Kathy Bates Retains Her Movie-Star Smile

In her decades-long career, renowned actress Kathy Bates has won Golden Globes, Emmys, and many other honors. Bates began acting in her twenties, but didn’t achieve national recognition until she won the best actress Oscar for Misery — when she was 42 years old! 140 more words

Leçons de Ténèbre

Couperin’s Leçons de Ténèbre sets texts from Lamentations and is incredibly beautiful in a very French baroque way as well as rather bing music to cut your wrists to.   187 more words

More Guzzi Chronicles, 4...

I started fitting the Bates fairing today, this came with my bike, but was not fitted, and had no fittings etc, not sure whether to keep it on or not. 29 more words

Just Me

Reflection on the Principle of Least Effort

In “The Principle of Least Effort,” Thomas Mann details a principle which “states that most researchers…will tend to choose easily available information sources, even when they are objectively of low quality, and, further, will tend to be satisfied with whatever can be found easily in preference to pursuing higher-quality sources whose use would require a greater expenditure of effort.” Essentially, patrons, users, and researchers across the human specturm value the convenience of finding sources over the quality of the information contained therein. 597 more words


New Obsession: Bringing Up Bates

I don’t often get emotional watching TV, and I’ve never been a huge fan of reality TV.

But somehow I have accidently become obsessed with Bringing Up Bates and the first episode I watched I was tearing up on the sofa all alone – with my cat. 706 more words