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The Bathroom Break Dilemma

During Arish’s first year, I had to plan when to go to the bathroom, how fast I could run, and how quick I could finish my business there. 87 more words


MBQ | Weirdest Thing You've Ever Done While Driving?

A new survey by The Chicago Tribune found that 3% of us have gone to the bathroom while driving a car. (Something tells me those people aren’t in the car pool anymore, but…) 90 more words


A Fact Of Daily Life

I came across this picture and laughed to myself at how “fact of life” it is…

This usually happens to me sometime during the middle of the night when I am pretty much sleep walking on my way to the bathroom…nearly fall over trying to get my pants down…and of course end up with a tush full of water after not realizing that my husband has left the toilet seat up… 14 more words


Student Survival: 6 Ways To Stay Awake In Class

It can be one of the hardest things in the world for a student to stay awake in class, particularly if you were on the beer the night before. 442 more words


Flying By the Seat of Your Porcelain Pants

Next time you do a fly by–and for all those who don’t know a fly by is when you scope out a bathroom to see if it’s free before doing the deed–check out some new entertainment: 372 more words