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Lessons from Orccon

  • Center Stage and Icon have table presence
  • Always have your email list or business card readily accessible
  • Make friends, or at least take a friend with you so it can seem like you have friends.
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Weather for Ducks - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. A couple of days ago, the sky cried all night. It rained cats and squirrels.

Me:   I believe that the expression is ‘it rained cats and dogs’. 259 more words

Bathroom Break!

Sammy jumped into my lap,

And settled down to take a nap.

Normally, that’s fine with me,

But suddenly, I have to pee!


3-Minute Poem

Bathroom break pt. 4

The next great innovation needs to be a way for people not to have to take so many bathroom breaks. Imagine the time we would save in a day if we didn’t have to stop what we were doing to go to the bathroom. 152 more words