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Cat Nap in Corporate America

She’s staring, waiting for an answer.

I rise from my desk. “Excuse me. Little girl’s room.”

I sit on the cool porcelain, fold my arms on thighs, rest head in arms. 12 more words

Short Fiction

PT News -- The Argument


An Excerpt from PT News

Vol. XVII No. 22398

“PT for TPL”

Punchy Proverbs

(1) I thought, I decided I shouldn’t have thought, now I will never have a thought. 619 more words

Professor VJ Duke

The Bathroom Break Dilemma

During Arish’s first year, I had to plan when to go to the bathroom, how fast I could run, and how quick I could finish my business there. 87 more words


MBQ | Weirdest Thing You've Ever Done While Driving?

A new survey by The Chicago Tribune found that 3% of us have gone to the bathroom while driving a car. (Something tells me those people aren’t in the car pool anymore, but…) 90 more words


A Fact Of Daily Life

I came across this picture and laughed to myself at how “fact of life” it is…

This usually happens to me sometime during the middle of the night when I am pretty much sleep walking on my way to the bathroom…nearly fall over trying to get my pants down…and of course end up with a tush full of water after not realizing that my husband has left the toilet seat up… 14 more words