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Call of nature

This is the thing I absolutely adore about New Zealand: even the most basic of needs, like pulling over on a road trip to have a wee tinkle in the bushes leads to a bathroom vista like this:

The Tree Pee for Ladies

(Lady leisure GOES where most people won’t. Giving you the inappropriate and uncomfortable topics you want. And need. Similar to TMZ or Fox News, except she’s not a vulture and people¬†seem to like her.) 282 more words



Potty Training. I’m not a fan. Denial is a wonderful world and that’s where I prefer to reside when it comes to the issue. I don’t want to chase my 2 year old all over the house and clean up after her like she’s a puppy. 417 more words


Cat Nap in Corporate America

She’s staring, waiting for an answer.

I rise from my desk. “Excuse me. Little girl’s room.”

I sit on the cool porcelain, fold my arms on thighs, rest head in arms. 12 more words

Short Fiction

PT News -- The Argument


An Excerpt from PT News

Vol. XVII No. 22398

“PT for TPL”

Punchy Proverbs

(1) I thought, I decided I shouldn’t have thought, now I will never have a thought. 619 more words

Professor VJ Duke

The Bathroom Break Dilemma

During Arish’s first year, I had to plan when to go to the bathroom, how fast I could run, and how quick I could finish my business there. 87 more words


MBQ | Weirdest Thing You've Ever Done While Driving?

A new survey by The Chicago Tribune found that 3% of us have gone to the bathroom while driving a car. (Something tells me those people aren’t in the car pool anymore, but…) 90 more words