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Book Review: Spy Flash by Phyllis Duncan

Spy Flash
BY Phyllis Duncan
Kindle Version

Spy Flash is a collection of flash fiction stories about Mai Fisher and Alexi Bukharin, who spy for the United Nations. 142 more words

Book Review

My bathroom reading

I never understood why people read in the bathroom although I know they do. Recently, I’ve been grabbing my own novel, AS FROM A TALENTED ANIMAL and randomly reading parts of it while sitting on the toilet. 42 more words


Use all your well-earned politics

There are two kinds of people in this world: Beatles fans and Rolling Stones fans.  I like to think of myself as a Stones fan, Ya know… Just the whole rebel without a clue thing, but… 407 more words


A Poem for the Rolling Hills and Lovers of Cheap Moonshine

So much of the time my pants are
down when I read a poem. There are
so many books of poetry in my
bathroom, so many lines to separate, 204 more words

3. Literature

This Totally Counts As Reading

Since the baby has been born, I’ve been starving for a book.   I know I could listen to an audio but I just can’t stay focused on one unless I’m driving my Mom van.   164 more words


Assignment - Overheard

Instructions: Listen to a conversation around campus and write down the most strange or interesting or funny thing you overheard people saying.

Person 1: Are you on Twitter? 17 more words


Dump 16

Sitting here, having an entirely satisfying yet more-or-less non-remarkable dump, and thinking once again about bathroom books. You know … the ones you leave on the back of the toilet just to be able to grab for a couple of minutes when you don’t have any other recourse. 334 more words