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Making bath time bearable

For most people, washing themselves is an automatic routine and is often taken for granted. However, we know that showering can be a difficult task for elderly people and individuals with mobility issues. 335 more words

Bathroom Accessories

The Installation of Grab Bars is a Right for Tenants with Disabilities

According to a recent statement by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the installation of grab bars, as an important mobility modification, is a right that is legally granted to all tenants with a disability. 37 more words


Grab Bars are Recommended by the U.S. National Library of Medicine

Grab bars have been recommended as the first line of defense against bathroom falls by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. In Pinellas County, Florida, the leading grab bar installation specialist is… 17 more words


Maintaining Balance in the Face of Vertigo - Grab Bars

Vertigo, an unpleasant symptom that is associated with a multitude of diseases and disorders can often come on very quickly and unannounced. The bathroom, being the most hazardous place in the home, is an especially dangerous place to be in during the onset of vertigo. 72 more words


Grab Bars Lend a Helping Hand to People with Multiple Sclerosis

For someone facing the many challenges of Multiple Sclerosis, mobility can be a serious issue effecting one’s life. The bathroom can be a very dangerous place for these people who experience symptoms like a loss of balance, cognitive impairment, dizziness and a host of other ailments. 82 more words


Grab Bar Installation Tip - Working with Marble

Many people think that having grab bars installed into their marble tiles will be problematic However, as Mr. Grab Bar of Pinellas County has shown us, when the proper steps are taken by a grab bar installation specialist, installing grab bars into marble is not a problem. 195 more words


Grab Bar Installation Tip - A Proper Inspection of the Location

Prior to beginning a grab bar installation, making a proper inspection of the location is critical and can prevent issues from occurring. The Pinellas County Grab Bar Installation… 173 more words