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The Bible is Unique, ...and Accurate

Before beginning this weeks post, please remember that I am only giving a few points that can be used when discussing the Bible.  Literally thousands of books have been written about the bible.  683 more words


Too Late to Apologize?

I’ve worked a lot of different places, as you know.  Most of them, people owned up to their mistakes and took their lumps.  Well, okay, harder to make happen when you work with engineers.  626 more words

Movie Reflection — “Far from the Madding Crowd”

Note: This entry contains spoilers.

Any big budget film makes me yawn (except “Star Wars” and “Star Trek,” of course).  Occasionally, I would go to one if I need to turn off my brain for a few hours.  535 more words


Getting noticed

Which kid’s names do teachers remember first and forever? The scallywags! Then it’s the exceptionally gifted ones, and finally the run-of-the mill, ordinary work-hard-but-don’t-get-noticed sort of kids. 366 more words


Bathsheba - The Sleepless Gods (2015)

Artist: Bathsheba

Album: The Sleepless Gods

Label: Svart Records

Okay, total disclaimer: I picked Bathsheba’s latest EP to review for two reasons, one being that I sorely needed some doom in my life, and the other and more important being that my black metal project shares its name ( 475 more words