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Move over Lush! Pretty Suds UK is where it's at! 

Most of you lovely lot will probably know by now just how obsessed I am with baths/bombs. When we moved into this house which doesn’t yet have a shower, I really thought I would miss them. 739 more words

Inside Edition: Bathtime

You know those adorable photos that every parent takes of their child or children in the bathtub, sporting a bubble beard and Cindy-Lou Who pointed hairdo? 488 more words

Bathtub Toy and Accessory Storage Review

This is a great bath tub organizer that is  18×14, square in shape and is like a netted bag. It holds a good amount of toys and other objects. 116 more words


Tip of the Week

It is Sunday, the start of a new week…get off to the right start!


Two Girls In A Tub

Eva doesn’t usually want to bathe with Isa, but this week Eva’s been really eager to jump into Isa’s tub with her. Isa LOVES it so much that when we try to pull out Isa before Eva comes out, Isa starts protesting by wailing and reaching her arms out desperately, trying to stay in the tub.


Rainbow Bath Fun

Psst! I’ve found the secret to getting your kids in the bath without a tantrum… bath playdoh! 348 more words