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Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb Review!

Hi guys,

Today I’ve got another Lush review as you know I’m obsessed so today’s is a bath bomb and it’s called “Big Blue Bath Bomb” it’s blue obviously hence then name and has a white circle on the top it also had seaweed pieces through it. 98 more words


Why I Can No Longer Leave My Baby Alone in the Bathtub

Many moms have told me that if I leave my baby in the bathtub for longer than 10 seconds unsupervised, I will return to find a tiny, drowned body and a lifetime of remorse. 285 more words

Life And Laughs

Gotta have Faith!!!


Dear Diary,

From the words of George Michael’s

“‘Cause I gotta have faith

I gotta faith

Because I gotta to have faith faith

I gotta to have faith, faith, faith” 162 more words

On the move! 

So we had a major baby bear excitement today, the first crawling! Or, to be more accurate, the first crawling I have witnessed. The first crawling “steps” happened with my friend, the second with my mum, so it was only third time lucky that I finally got to witness a moving baby bear. 351 more words

Growing Up

Lush Life: The Good, The Great, And The Okay (But Still Cool)

I’ve told you all before, I’m a massive fan of Lush Cosmetics! They’re not for everyone (my mother, for one, absolutely HATES the smell of the stuff!), but my sister and I are avid fans. 1,571 more words


Bath-time with Gurple

Gurple loves WATER. When it’s time to get cleaned up in the blue waters of EARTH she floats on her back for relaxation and blows bubbles from her nose for FUN. 84 more words

Picture Frame Hardware

Bath routine

With both my children I was always so worried about bath time because I feared about drying out their skin. Unfortunately, genetically, both my children develop extremely bad eczema, to the point where it was raw, bloody and just looked completely painful. 167 more words