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December 30th, 1993: Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland ME

Ahh….December 30th. Outside of Halloween and New Year’s Eve proper, 12/30 is one of the more hallowed days of the year in Phish lore. If a NYE show is all about celebrating the year that is ending and partying until the clock hits midnight, 12/30 often represents the opposite end of the Phish spectrum: an opportunity to dig into deep, dark, psychedelic territory, and leave it all on the stage one last time. 2,100 more words


Winter Gins in Iceland

Iceland has two seasons: Winter, and Not Winter. As the chill takes a bite and the winter coats come out, my drink preference goes towards those that beat the Winter Blues. 577 more words

Wined, dined and 59 at The Hollies

Scroll down just a little bit and what you’ll see is the best goddamn garlic bread in Cheshire. I can’t say I’ve tried ’em all (yet) but my god, this… 558 more words

Food & Drink

August 13th, 1993: Murat Theatre, Indianapolis IN

Midwest tour continues tonight with the second show of tour to receive an official LivePhish release. The first set begins with a solo Fishman spot, as he croons “Lengthwise” to the fans. 1,944 more words


Gin and Tea at The Apple Tree

Our friends and stockists The Apple Tree Gift Shop and Teahouse┬áin Derby, have always championed our teas and have been having fun experimenting this week with our newest fruity blend… 26 more words

April 24th, 1993: Cheel Arena, Potsdam NY

Another New York show, another college campus. The circulating recording for tonight’s show (downloadable on the Spreadsheet) is a soundboard recording, but unfortunately it sounds several generations removed from the source and has a thin quality to it. 1,056 more words