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15 Years of Wrestling Retrospective: Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers of 2007

2007 sticks out like a sore thumb as one of the weirdest years maybe ever for WWE. This was the year that Vince McMahon decided that the huge draw for… 2,538 more words

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15 Years of Wrestling Retrospective: Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers of 2005

It was a year of music, death, and kayfabe child custody charges. One wrestler was unfortunately involved with two of these things, but we’ll get to him. 2,593 more words

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Vince McMahon Wanted Batista To Have An Elaborate 'Foster Child' Backstory

The most recent edition of the Edge and Christian Podcast was a funny episode featuring former long-time WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz. Edge and Christian worked closely with Gewirtz during their WWE careers, so they had a lot of funny stories about their time together. 667 more words


Batista Believes People Should Have Guns To Protect Themselves From O.J. Simpson

You know how every once in a while, something pops up on Twitter or on Facebook that makes you go “hey, that’s really weird, I think I’m going to click on that?” It’s always kind of bizarre when that happens, right? 266 more words


The Story of Fidel Castro

I don’t think it is so difficult to solve the problems between Cuba and the United States; it all depends on whether there is a dialogue, a discussion, or if the prejudices and hatred of people like the extremists and terrorists from the Cuban community, who try to impose their policies, prevail.

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Batista, Jacqueline

Jacqueline DeMattia Batista, 42 years old and longtime resident of New Milford, CT, died peacefully in her home on November 2nd, 2017 surrounded by loving family after a long and difficult battle with brain cancer. 394 more words