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WWE Top 10 Powerbombs #RapBeats #TrapBeats #RapInstrumentals

WWE Top 10 Powerbombs #RapBeats #TrapBeats #RapInstrumentals Read More – https://fucmedia.com/?p=21286

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Summer Slump - Can Cena Overcome?

The focus of SummerSlam 2015 has been fixed upon the grudge match between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar and rightfully so. This match give Undertaker the chance to avenge the loss of his massive WrestleMania streak by ending Lesnar’s minuscule by comparison SummerSlam streak. 434 more words


For WWE Lovers! 13 Most Memorable WWE Matches EVER

The WWE is somewhat like an amusement park. It’s full of ups and downs, obviously it has lost a good chunk of its viewers over time because of the new generation cheesy wrestlers in fake costumes, but we can never forget the real time tough guys and incredible thrills. 2,425 more words

Baron Corbin: the anti-wrestler

Thomas Pestock started his wrestling career in 2012, and it took him a while before he found his footing. But when the Baron Corbin character was re-packaged and introduced in September of 2014, the NXT Universe really got behind him. 1,517 more words


New 007 Spectre Trailer Featuring Dave Bautista

007 twitter account tweeted today the new Spectre trailer which also showcases Batista in the movie.

Check it out below:

Watch the new trailer for the 24th Bond film, …

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Trailer Alert: Spectre

“It was me James, the author of all your pain.” And with that line, I am ready to see Christoph Waltz take on James Bond. Being the present incarnation of a character with the history of James Bond is sometimes debilitating, because it’s much easier to look back and say “such and such was the BEST James Bond” while the guy who’s currently playing him keeps churning out fantastic movies. 51 more words

La cronología de la historia Estados Unidos - Cuba

Histórica foto Raul Castro y Barack Obama saludándose en Panama en abril 2015.

Con relación al discurso de Barack Obama el pasado primero de julio en donde notificaba la re-apertura de la embajada de Estados Unidos en Cuba el próximo lunes 20 vale la pena hacer un recuento cronológico sobre las fechas importantes en esta relación que terminó desde 1961. 534 more words