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Titus O'Neil Is Celebrity Dad Of The Year, And Batista Thinks WWE Ought To Use Him Better

A while back, we brought you the news that Titus O’Neil was up for the Everything for Dads “Celebrity Dad of the Year” award. Of course, he was up against celebs non-wrestling fans might actually recognize, like Stephen Amell, David Beckham and Vin Diesel, so most of us didn’t expect him to win. 307 more words


Dave Bautista Is The Lead Villain In The Luc Besson-Written Martial-Arts Movie 'Warrior's Gate'

Trying to keep up with Dave Bautista’s ever-expanding list of projects is starting to get just a bit mind-boggling. The former Batista has obviously taken a page from his pro-wrestling buddy The Rock, and has adopted an “accept all offers and sort it out later” approach to choosing projects. 200 more words


king of the ring report. Debut Report, Neville!

Watching Raw this weekend which was the highlights, I saw a match with Luke Harper vs Neville.  I was not expecting Neville to be fast or to be out wrestling Harper.  

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Review : 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

So you are probably wondering why i am not already fanboying over the Avengers sequel. So let me tell you why. I suddenly realised that there was a big hole in my Marvel Cinematic Universe. 750 more words

Batista Says He'd Return To WWE, But He Wants The Chris Jericho Deal

I think I’ve mentioned in another post just how much I enjoyed Batista in Guardians of the Galaxy, but I’ll reiterate here. Big Dave knocked it out of the park as Drax, and it’s awesome that he’s locked down his place in the Marvel universe. 276 more words


WWE: Batista May Take Up The "Chris Jericho Schedule" By Attending House Shows

The folks at HeyUGuys caught up with Batista recently for a quick interview and the topic of a return to pro wrestling came up because of course it would. 166 more words