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Shwikki Texts: Klingon Birthday

 On the occassion of Yellow Haired Warriors birthday, Fatty McBoom posted a collage of friend photos, with the caption: “Happy Birthday to my wifey! Look how cute we are. 442 more words

Shwikki Texts

Ever Feel Like Having A Bat'Leth Wrapped Around Your Neck?

Well deny yourself no longer, fellow Trekkie! Thanks to the creative Ms Kimberly Gintar you can feel the warmth of the most honorable weapon in the Klingon Empire around your throat. 64 more words

Daily Nerdgasm

In Which I Almost Drink a Bee, and We Sell a Klingon Bat’leth to an Surprising Customer

I hope you had a blessed Resurrection Day. My celebrations were solitary, rather than corporate, as I had agreed to spend the day at the weapons shop again. 716 more words

My kick-ass writing group

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone in my writing group owns a bat’leth.

If you go over to Terrible Minds, you’ll see a photo of said weapon, along with a number of my partners in crime from Writers under the Arch back in St. 74 more words


today is a good day to collect unemployment

WARNING! This post has a lot of bad jokes involving Star Trek and the warrior race of Klingons. You have been warned!

Apparently warrioring (or is it warriorring?) isn’t too lucrative these days. 331 more words