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Soundtrack Only Songs: The Smashing Pumpkins from Batman & Robin

20 years ago, there was a travesty of a movie released that put the final nail in the Batman franchise until Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale resurrected it to perfection. 155 more words

Billy Corgan

Batman And Robin * (Out Of 4)

Consensus: This movie is a giant terd. The only redeeming factor is if you watch it now, 20 years later, it works some what as a spoof on Batman movies.

Batman And Robin

Ridin' Robin

The reason my son wouldn’t initially let me break up the Space Guppy was that he was planning to build a spaceship to serve as an adversary for it and have a battle. 185 more words


Batman & Robin (1997)

It’s been two decades since the release of Batman & Robin and its director, Joel Schumacher, is still doing an apology tour in the press… 1,646 more words

Brandon Ledet

Episode 3 - Batman and Robin

Your 3 hosts discuss drag queens, classic monsters, split personalities, and eventually Batman and Robin.


Dan: DC Pride Annual

Hayden: Claude Cahun  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Cahun

Alicia: Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl… 7 more words


Monster Monday: The Number 23

The Number 23 follows Walter (Jim Carey) as he slowly becomes obsessed with the number 23 after his wife finds a weird book in an old bookstore. 565 more words

Squeegee Surprise at Children's Hospital

Batman and Robin, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America dropped in on Children’s Hospital in downtown Omaha on Monday morning. Much to the delight of youngsters in the medical center, a professional cleaning crew dressed up as action heroes and climbed down the hospital’s exterior, washing windows as they went. 123 more words