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Revenge of the Sequel

Why is it that almost every time a new and groundbreaking film comes along that takes our breath away, it only takes a few months to pass and a sequel is produced? 1,297 more words


Victoria Elizabeth Vale

Next stop in Brick89‘s list is one of the most meaningful women in Bruce Wayne‘s life, reporter Vicki Vale. The character was first portrayed by  1,040 more words


SCORE REVIEW: Batman Forever/Batman and Robin

I already talked about composer Elliot Goldenthal at length in “Elliot Goldenthal: A Composing Enigma”, but thought his two favorite scores of mine deserved full reviews. 715 more words


Antibiotics for a cold, LOL

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Amazing Batman Fan Theory Makes Schumacher Films Bearable

So we all agree that Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were two of the worst films ever made and came very close to murdering the franchise in an alley behind a theater, right? 596 more words

Nerd Life

Holy slot car racing Batman

What Batman and Robin did while not fighting crime

They went slot car racing on a track Aunt Harriet built for them. Watch in this blast from the past and Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred, and Aunt Harriet kick back for a racing session. Enjoy.

Fun Stuff

Holy Hardcover!

Titan Books have just released a magnificent book dedicated to the 1966 Batman series. Written by Bob Garcia and titled “Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series”, it is a 256pg hardcover book celebrating the iconic TV series. 36 more words