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Holy slot car racing Batman

What Batman and Robin did while not fighting crime

They went slot car racing on a track Aunt Harriet built for them. Watch in this blast from the past and Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Alfred, and Aunt Harriet kick back for a racing session. Enjoy.

Fun Stuff

Holy Hardcover!

Titan Books have just released a magnificent book dedicated to the 1966 Batman series. Written by Bob Garcia and titled “Batman: A Celebration of the Classic TV Series”, it is a 256pg hardcover book celebrating the iconic TV series. 36 more words


'Batman & Robin': the top 10 moments

Most millennials out there at least vaguely remember the lovably deplorable “Batman & Robin” (1997). From the outlandish characters, to the stupid quip/pun overload, to Ah’nuld to Alicia Silverstone, Joel Schumacher’s sequel to “Batman Forever” is really, really bad. 362 more words

Bad Movies

Adamania: The Ring of Wax - Batman Season 1 Episode 23

The Riddler is back and up to his old habits. Will this finally be the time that he finishes the Dynamic Duo? Frank Gorshin guest stars.


The Grasp of Untold Legend of Batman (1980)

There have been many interactions with the origin of the Dark Knight and this is yet another Pre-Crisis take on that well showcased scene in the gloomy alleyway. 631 more words

DC Comics

Teen Titans Rebirth #1 Comic Book Review

I was lucky to be young when TV was great, in fact I have had great TV all my life. But in my teen years one of the best shows on was Teen Titans, a show that to this day I still watch. 305 more words


Self Portrait II 

2016 acrylic on canvas  (51X41cm)

Even if I were to reach my full potential at best I envision myself forever the sidekick never the hero.