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The Savage Sacktap - Racist Cleaning Products, Islamophobia, Shitty Soda Commercials, And Andrew Keegan

The Savage Sacktap is the loyal sidekick to The Savage Hour, the Robin to its Batman, the Milhouse to its Bart, the Sigfried to its Roy — but with slightly less gay sex and no tigers :( . 52 more words


Batman v Superman trailer gone retro and its b-e-a-utiful!

Watch the official trailer from Warner Bros. here.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice smashes theaters March 25, 2016.


The Golden Age of Super-Movies

While I have some serious qualms about DCs efforts of late, there’s no two ways about it, this is an amazing time for super-hero movies. Marvel have really led the charge with their Cinematic Universe, and it’s been a revolutionary project in both film and television, and the latest trilogy of Batman films has been nothing short of spectacular. 1,096 more words


New Releases

Our new collection is in! This time around we’re showcasing not one nor two but FIVE new designs from five  new independent artists we are proud to have in our… 218 more words

Arttee Apparels

5 For Friday: 5 of the Best Arnold One-Liners That Aren’t From the Terminator Series

Now that all action movies are either brooding Bourne clones or superhero movies that try not to be comic books, the one-liner seems to be a lost art form.   483 more words


Classic Grab Block Unboxing!

After a few of these unboxing posts, there’s been pretty much two thats been a constant.  Coming from the same company that does the Arcade Block, they had the Grab Block last month which is essentially last year’s inventory blowout.   558 more words


It came from the bargain bin-Gotham City Serials

1943,1949 and 2014 for the DVD

Purchased at Wal-mart for $5 back in the fall.

This is the 1943 Batman and the 1949 Batman and Robin serial. 321 more words