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Holy Rankings Batman!

This year marks the 78th anniversary of Batman, who first appeared in comics back in May of 1939, a response to the popularity of Superman. Since then we’ve born witness to several different versions of the Caped Crusader, whether it’s in print, on the small screen in live action, on the small screen as a cartoon and on the big screen. 2,520 more words


Rant on Batman and Robin

You saw it. You wished you hadn’t. You wish you could forget about it. But you can’t. I was originally going to call this post a review of this movie, but then shortly after I realized there was nothing good about it. 1,059 more words

Batman Forever Retrospective Review: "Color Over Quality"

TristanTV’s Journey Through DC in Film
Part 7
“Ruining The Party”

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Batman Returns was met with mixed reception.  It received praise for its visual effects and action sequences, but the very dark tone did not play well at the time.  1,174 more words

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Batman Vs Two-Face Blu-ray review [2017]

Batman Vs Two-Face is a proper throwback to the 60s show, with tongue-in-cheek action, plot and bad jokes… that they get away with, of course! It follows up 2016’s… 412 more words

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Comm Talk 006: HOLY HEART BREAK! - Good Bye Adam West

This week on Comm Talk we say good bye to The Bright Knight, Adam West.

We also take a moment to congratulate our Devoted Geek of the Week! 19 more words

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Batman Era: When and Why

1989 saw the release of Batman, a movie directed by Tim Burton that reignited interest into the superhero movie genre.

Batman was followed by Batman Returns, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. 196 more words