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What makes a bad movie? An Introduction to Hatewatch

We’ve all seen them before; the films so bad we can’t help but stare on amazed, pinching ourselves to check this isn’t some lucid dream brought on by heat stroke. 633 more words


Adamania: The Penguin is a Jinx

Bruce Wayne is about to be burned alive while the Penguin muses over where Batman could be. Is this already the end of the Caped Crusader? 6 more words


Adamania: Fine Feathered Finks

The Penguin is back in town, and Batman and Robin know he’s up to something huge and evil. But what is it? And how can they find out? 6 more words


Adamania: Smack In The Middle

Episode 2 of the 1966 Batman series pits the Dynamic Duo against the Riddler. Can Batman and Robin foil the evil plot hatched by that Prince of Puzzlers? 11 more words


Adamania: Hi Diddle Riddle

This is the premiere of a new show that looks back with fondness at the 1966-68 Batman show, featuring the consummate Batman, Adam West. In this first episode, the Riddler is up to his old tricks. 6 more words


Bat Appreciation Day | Batman Comics

Hey guys! So according to Holiday Insights, today is Bat Appreciation Day. Now, they definitely meant it as a day to appreciate boring old, regular bats. 193 more words

Random Bookish Thoughts

Super heros with age.

The future heroes twenty years from now.

Superman has retired. Yes, the man of steel has rusted. He has put down his cape and packed it away. 265 more words