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Things I've done this Week: Week 11

Batman, same as last week, a shit ton of Batman Arkham Knight coverage, so much so that I haven’t wanted to play the game for the last few days and instead have been catching up with Payday 2 and doing research into my next essay for Indie Haven (More on that later) 662 more words

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Batman Arkham Knight Thoughts Part 2

I’ve finished it! I beat the game, I’ve hundred percented it, got the secret ‘true’ ending and I am now worthy to call myself Batman! I’ve even started a new game plus which may just kill me. 737 more words

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Batman Arkham Knight is Nearly Perfect

Batman Arkham Knight is getting mixed press due to the horribly handled port to PC. This is unfortunate as my experience on the XBOX One was practically flawless with respect to bugs, and I only noticed a few instances of frame rate drops. 1,278 more words

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Real-Time Reviews: Batman Arkham Knight

Summer the slow time of year for the video game release calendar and news. We just went through E3, Gamescon is in August, otherwise, it’s all quiet on the western front. 754 more words

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Two faces to skin a cat

Another pun? Sure, let’s go for it.

Since the realization that I’m probably going out to grab “Batman: Arkham Knight” tomorrow, I figured it would be as good a time as any to go back through “Arkham City.” Granted, it might be my favorite game ever, so any time is a good time to play through it. 625 more words

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Batman: Arkham Knight is a fantastic game that still sucks a little.

Batman: Arkham Knight is an experience all gamers and Batman fans owe it to themselves to enjoy. The game rocks, has such a deep atmosphere and perfectly captures the Batmobile. 772 more words


Batman faces the Riddler in Arkham Knight

In addition to the main story, Batman has to face many opponents in “Arkham Knight” – there are several side missions throughout the game where the player gets to foil the rogues. 72 more words