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The Arkham Trilogy: Part Two

Batman Arkham City: Review

Batman Arkham City is a unique experience. Throughout the game’s story line you find yourself in difficult situations in the life of Batman himself. 84 more words


Mirror's Edge: Linearity and Open-World

I’ve been playing through Mirror’s Edge again, trying to get to that final scene where you have what, to my memory, is a more-or-less compulsary punch-up. 1,059 more words

Video Games & Narrative

Top 5: Most Emotional Gaming Moments

I’ve never been one to get overly demonstrative with my games, but I was recently reminded of just how powerful a single event in a game can be. 1,105 more words


Stage Select - Batman Arkham City (Mr. Freeze)

My video series finally made it to 100% wholly new content in our last full-length video essay!

Here, I talk about how the battle between us and Mr. 23 more words


Batman: Arkham City - Review

Before Arkham Asylum arrived there had not been a really good superhero game. With that said no one really knew what to expect and Rocksteady amazed everyone by finally making an amazing game about Batman. 1,142 more words



Hol’ up, let me press the pause button…right 0k, so what is this? another blog? well yes, and no.

No because this is a blog that you, a videogame fan, actually care about…true story (I think). 299 more words