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Batman Arkham Ranking

Here is my ranking of the Batman Arkham games that were created by Rocksteady Studios and WB Montreal. 39 more words


Batman: Arkham City Review

Here it is. The big one. The super sequel. If you missed my review of Arkham Asylumjust know its one of my favourite games of all time. 1,025 more words


Batman: Arkham City — Time

Time is an important part of human existence, albeit one that can easily go unnoticed or unremarked-upon. It follows, therefore, that videogames, in trying to embody simulations of functioning worlds, would be equally ruled by this omnipresent force. 2,081 more words


My Top 10 Favourite Video Games

I’ve wanted to write about my favourite video games for a while now – but now that I have a YouTube channel, I decided to make a video about my top 10 instead! 55 more words

Video Games

Arkham City: Surprise!

The first time you arrive in the museum in Arkham City, there’s a great big fucking dinosaur that rears up out of nowhere and roars at you. 1,029 more words

Video Games & Narrative

Geekly Humpday: Our Top Video Game Soundtracks

When I’m interested in a video game, it has to have three main components: a good plot, a decent battle system, and last but not least, a good soundtrack. 959 more words


Video Games With Most Insane Endings That Shocked Everyone

Even the original Nintendo is peppered with a few greatly twisted tales, but game endings have only become weirder, twistier, and morally grayer as time goes on… 493 more words