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Gotham's Maniax Take City by Storm!


After watching the last two episodes of “Gotham,” I can only say that emotions have run the gamut. It is difficult to write about the two episodes without giving things away so again, please be warned that if you have… 1,117 more words

Dexter and Arrow

I know, I know. Two shows you probably wouldn’t think of as being remotely similar to each other. Unless, you know, you’re me. Most of you already know I wrote my PhD on… 236 more words


New Netflix Releases For October

Netflix has opened the vault and there are some extra binge-worthy releases on the table for October!

We’ve plucked a few gems from the list for your viewing pleasure. 576 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Sophia From Winchester

1. Mischa Barton, formerly of The OC fame, has reportedly had her Audi repossessed because she hasn’t paid the lease in 4 months. Which car manufacturer has recently come under fire for software in their cars allowing the cars to cheat the emissions inspections? 138 more words


Christopher Nolan: Thương hiệu đắt giá của Hollywood

Giữa tháng 9/2015 vừa qua, Hollywood “dậy sóng” khi hãng Warner Bros tuyên bố, sản phẩm điện ảnh tiếp theo của đạo diễn Christopher Nolan sẽ công chiếu vào ngày 21/7/2017. 2,629 more words


Score Cut: Batman Begins and the You'll Never Have To Moment

Film: Batman Begins (2005)

Composers: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

The Moment: At the end of the film, the recently-promoted Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman… 446 more words

Score Cuts

Mondo To Release "Batman Begins" and "Batgirl" Posters by Patrick Leger and Gianmarco Magnani

This Saturday is Batman Day!

In celebration of the caped crusader, Mondo will be releasing two new posters by artists Patrick Leger and Gianmarco Magnani. 103 more words

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