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It’s been nearly two years since I created the Watchlist, a list designed to inspire me to watch huge movies that I’ve never seen, then write about them. 881 more words


Iron Fist - Under Leaf Pluck Lotus (Review)

With Under Leaf Pluck Lotus, Iron Fist truly embraces its inner Batman Begins.

To be fair, there were shades of this in the earlier episodes. 4,393 more words


On Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Also Batman

A deconstruction takes something apart. Shrek shows how weird fairy tales are by pitting the story from the point of view of an ogre. Suddenly the princess promising herself to whoever rescues her is especially bizarre, as is the idea of there always being a noble prince. 761 more words

Why Have People Forgotten That Superhero Cinema's Golden Age was the Mid-Noughties?

The following was commissioned by Flickering Myth

Henry Bevan on the golden age of superhero cinema…

Wonder Woman will save the DC Extended Universe. This is a loaded statement, but at this point, it seems everyone will save the DCEU. 761 more words

Comment Pieces

Triumph in Turmoil

“And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

Life can be really tough. We go through many trials and things we don’t understand, and if we’re honest, it’s hard to see the silver lining in everything. 1,061 more words

The Filmlings – Holy Reboot, Batman! Feat. Aaron Johnson

What makes sound, and is informative?

The Filmlings film analysis podcast!

Alex and Jonathan welcome their first guest, Aaron Johnson, to the podcast to talk about four major reboots of the cinematic portrayal of Batman: … 108 more words


Christopher Nolan blog-a-thon: ‘Batman Begins’ (Week 2)

After watching “The Lego Batman Movie” this past weekend, coincidentally enough the next film up on the Christopher Nolan blog-a-thon list is “Batman Begins,” the first movie in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. 1,177 more words