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What’s Leaving Netflix In December 2015

As November fades into December, multiple movies and television shows will disappear from Netflix, so we’re here to help you plan your post-Thanksgiving binge session accordingly! 197 more words


The Dark Knight Rises

Three days ago, as I watched Batman Begins for the first time, an intriguing thought came to mind.
“This story has the potential to become an engaging tragedy”, I mused as I watched Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) drag a limping Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) across a burning mansion and into a secret entrance to the batcave. 53 more words


Batman Begins

A year ago, when we were coming out of the cinema after watching Interstellar, my best friend told me he had loved the movie almost as much as he had… 190 more words


"Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn How to Pick Ourselves Up."

Not too long ago, I was in downtown with some friends when a homeless person named John came up to us and started talking. Some of my friends wanted to give him money, but their deal was that John had to spend the money on food instead of alcohol. 345 more words


1 in a million

Once again I have been away for quite awhile, mind you I have actually been up to a lot of stuff since my last post, for example I moved to a new country! 514 more words

Iyi Tubi

Gotham Does Not Have a Joker Problem. It Has a Sin Problem.

(Guest editorial from Hewitt Lyman, city councilman and longtime member of Gotham City Baptist Church.) 480 more words

Batman Begins: Batman Begins, PG13, 2005

(Major spoiler discussions below.)

This movie is so succinct that it hasn’t earned itself a parody title. “Batman begins” is a perfect plot summary. We see the older Waynes’ deaths, the deliberate isolation, the triumphant return, and the defeat of the first major villains in this canon. 352 more words

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