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The Filmlings – Holy Reboot, Batman! Feat. Aaron Johnson

What makes sound, and is informative?

The Filmlings film analysis podcast!

Alex and Jonathan welcome their first guest, Aaron Johnson, to the podcast to talk about four major reboots of the cinematic portrayal of Batman: … 108 more words

Analysis & Criticism

Christopher Nolan blog-a-thon: ‘Batman Begins’ (Week 2)

After watching “The Lego Batman Movie” this past weekend, coincidentally enough the next film up on the Christopher Nolan blog-a-thon list is “Batman Begins,” the first movie in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. 1,177 more words

de-stress doodle. i miss them

Top 5: Batman Movies

In honor of today’s release of The LEGO Batman Movie (which I saw last night), let’s countdown our favorite Batman films in this week’s Top 5 Friday! 998 more words

BW's Morning Video Link: Behind The Beginning Of Batman

Batman Begins is the only movie in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy I really enjoyed. The Dark Knight is okay but it’s not the Joker that I’m interested in, due to Nolan wanting to adapt a comic but not make a comic movie. 111 more words

DC Spotlight

Movie Question: Who Should Direct The Batman?

Now that Ben Affleck has officially left the project, after months of stating that he would (not) take the job, he finally admitted that he would turn the project down.  1,358 more words

Movie Question

Juicy Awards IV/Movie of the Year- 6th Place Goes To...

6th Place:

“Batman Begins” was the first installment of the Nolan Batman films, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Though I didn’t care for Christian Bale’s Batman voice, and the suit when compared to the newer editions looks weak, I was really entertained by this movie. 24 more words