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i rip people off but it’s not like stuff like this hasn’t been done before

Batman Begins review

Batman Begins is the start of Nolans’ acclaimed Batman trilogy and the only film in the series to have Batman in the title, random bit of trivia there and it’s about the story of Bruce Wayne and his journey to realizing himself as the Batman, we see the trauma he went through as a child witnessing his parents murder. 595 more words


couldn’t find ref so i posed in front of a mirror for ten minutes and memorized some gestures. i made up the details along the way

was trying out stuff but didn’t really come out as expected

Why Critics Need to Get Over The Dark Knight

I realize I’m probably going to get stabbed for saying this, but I feel like Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has sort of ruined the landscape of DC comic book movies for us. 1,488 more words


Whenever I make full blow illustrations is when I’m testing things without knowing what i’m doing

Capes, Crimes and Crazies

Now, I don’t have the most knowledge on superhero movies or really just superheros in general. In fact, even as a kid, the villains were always more interesting to watch than the heroes. 2,864 more words