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Now, I’m sure when you see a title like that, you’re thinking this:

    I am a huge batman fan. I am a bigger fan of him than any other super hero (and this is coming from a HUGE nerd). 621 more words

Why reboots are important.

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It may seem an odd thing to say but reboots and remakes, in a relative view are important. 526 more words

DC Comics

A better kind of comic-book movie

Given the poor reviews for the new Fantastic Four — and, for that matter, the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern — the first movie (or the reboot) of a super-hero no longer needs to be his origin and his first adventure. 199 more words

Film Friday

November 21, 2014

“And why do we fall?” “So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
Film: Batman Begins

There’s no setback in our lives that isn’t meant to teach us something greater.

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Film Friday

Christopher Nolan to Direct a Short Documentary- Movie News

For those Christopher Nolan fans out that anxiously waiting for his next project can rest assured knowing two things.  One, the word on the streets is Nolan has finished a “comprehensive draft” for his next project and two, he has a new film premiering this August.  156 more words

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