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Batman and His Young Cudgel

Get it? Cudgel? Right? You get it. The English language is not completely lost on you, right? Oh for heaven’s sake! I’m not telling you what it means. 796 more words


Batman and His Hurt

Try and f*ck with me bros! I’m on motherf*cking fire bitches.

Immortality. That could be one hell of a super power. No matter what those asshole villains or self-righteous superheroes threw at you, you’d still come out on top. 713 more words


Batman and His Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis

This is what Epidermolytic Hyperkeratosis looks like.

Know what isn’t cool? Being bullied all your life because of the way you look. Granted, being deformed doesn’t help but still, bullying can mess with a person’s psyche. 929 more words


Batman and His Black Guy

Yes, I’m black and I shoot lightning. Come at me bitches!

Dun dun dun!!!! In the year two thousand eleven, there came a man that no other could measure up to. 468 more words


Batman and His Toxoid

Batman and His Toxoid

Did that title give you a hint as to who is on today’s menu? No? Get a dictionary. I’ll wait. In the mean time I’ll enjoy this. 663 more words


Batman and His Never-Ending Winter

This week I talk about the reason Batman gets goosebumps from time to time. You know, because he’s cold. It’s chilly. The wind is at a stasis of being below 0. 508 more words


Batman and His Earth Too


So this week I decided to actually talk about the legend himself. Or, more accurately, a version of the legend himself. Yup, this week I’m going to talk about… 402 more words