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Alan Moore ja Brian Bolland: Batman - the killing joke.

Nti Kirjastotäti ei ole mitenkään erityisesti tutustunut sarjakuviin, vaikka joitain hänkin on sentään lukenut. Ja joitain muitakin kuin Aku Ankkoja, Asterixeja ja Lucky Lukeja. Mm. Lassia ja Leeviä, Niilo Pielistä ja Pikoa ja Fantasiota. 366 more words

Doctor Who does The Killing Joke: Death in Heaven Review

Another Doctor Who series has just come to an end, Series 8 has been one of the strongest to date, with the overall quality of episodes remaining high and new writers bringing in fresh ideas and actually quite a few of the better stories.  4,000 more words

Doctor Who

Bolland's Killing Joke: Reworking One's Own To Glory

The more you try to stay away from the DC, given the gory, the loud, the stereotype, the cliche and the sheer political incorrectness, the more DC lures you with its irresistible gory, loud, stereotype, cliche and SHEER political incorrectness. 1,128 more words


Comic Books: Welcome Post

Welcome to my Personal Blog on Comic books.

This is my first post today. So to get it started, I am sharing pictures of two of my most favorite comic book possessions of all time: 41 more words

Ananth V

Batman: The Killing Joke; 'An Innocent Guy' Analysis and Discussion

How do you truly know if you are a good person? It’s easy to tell ourselves that we are good people. We are kind to others, we donate to charity, and we haven’t physically hurt another person. 870 more words

Dc Comics

About Bats and Clowns

Any memorable story requires a perfect pairing of a hero and his nemesis, as Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes, and the whale is to Ahab, and of course, as the Joker is to Batman. 2,574 more words


Because It's Not Funny: Why No One Should Ever Read "The Killing Joke" Again

I bought this comic sometime in 2008 or 2009, during its most recent resurgence to popularity. As The Dark Knight‘s release date approached and… 1,503 more words


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