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In Defence of Batman's Rampant Murder - 'Batman v Superman' (Spoilers)

What is the one thing that we all know about Batman? Okay, yes, he has pointy ears and a cape. What is the other one thing we all know about Batman? 834 more words


Rage Against the Machine (The Dark Knight Rises,2012)

It was becoming clear that Nolan was planning to form a trilogy.  The Dark Knight ended with Batman on the run, taking the blame for Harvey Dent’s death.  632 more words

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Batman v Supermen (and Women), or, I Am Gotham

The world will disappoint you. On particularly heinous days it can be almost impossible to keep that disappointment from lapsing into loathing. It’s a battle for our own outlook that we wage with ourselves every time we read a headline and it’s the conflict at the heart of writer Tom King’s first arc on the newest volume of Batman (issues #1-5). 338 more words

Pony Tricks

Red Robin Takes On A Drone Fleet

Tim Drake’s always been touted as the smartest in the Bat family. But his intelligence has always been featured as computer and hacking related. This sequence has me hyped up for the next issue. 20 more words


IMT Radio E01 - UFC 202, Rio2016, Steroids and Movie Talk


In this first episode of the IMT podcast, Ian and Matt discuss recent events in the UFC, Olympics and much more. Offering thoughts and opinions on issues such as steroid use, human performance, gold medals and superheroes!


12 Thoughts on DC Rebirth

Yeah, I’m a little behind the times. But I just picked up DC Rebirth, and the Rebirth: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League #1s, and boy do I have feelings on them. 854 more words