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Why I Love Lego Games

My history with the Lego games started when I got my Xbox 360.

I got it used, so it came with a few games and a… 489 more words


Inktober 2017: Week 2

This year I am again participating in Inktober, where the goal is to do a drawing everyday for the month of October. So far I have been able to keep up with doing one drawing every day in real-time. 706 more words

You and Me, Me and You; No Matter How You Toss the Dice.

When it comes to creating a new theme for this blog I had to be kind of inventive for this one! Elliott and his classmates are going on a trip to an apple farm on Wednesday, so I plan on blogging about that for sure! 557 more words

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Episode 002: Holy Boundless Backlogs!

Hey, all!  Episode two is ready to go and I’m going to dig into some topics that are near and dear to me as this episode is all about being positive.   85 more words

Board Games

Gotham 4x4: Collateral Damage.

Joe and Kris are in the car to talk about this emotionally rough episode of Gotham. Can Bruce over come his obsession with Ras Al Ghul? 35 more words


Pedal to the Metal

Event comics aren’t supposed to be fun anymore. The past few years have seen countless tie-ins and additional issues with prices jacked up so you “have to find out what happens” regardless of the comic costing you almost triple the usual cover price. 592 more words

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