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Justice League (2017) Review

First thoughts are that this was way better than Batman v Superman (2016). The story is at least comprehensible, which is low hanging fruit when it comes to improvements and the least they could do.  573 more words


Justice League [Spoilers] -Patrick Rettinhouse

I have been anticipating this film since it was announced in 2014. For me, this movie held an interesting significance, because until its release, DC Comics had two good movies, “Man of Steel”, and “Wonder Woman”, and two bad movies, “Suicide Squad”, and “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice”, making “Justice League” the proverbial tie breaker. 859 more words

Aqua Man

FIVE RANDOM FIVE (Justice League Edition)

Five Things Superman and Batman Fight Over

Which is cooler – the Batcave or the Fortress of Solitude

Who has the more tragic backstory

What toppings to get on a pizza… 214 more words


Justice League

What are your superpowers again?


Justice League had an intricate mix of humour and action, bringing the movie to a whole new level that encaptivates the audience and leaves them to savour the perfect balance.

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Justice League Review

Normally I don’t review superhero movies because I forget to review them. I had forgotten to review Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Captain America Civil War, Spiderman Homecoming, and a few other superhero films just because of sheer forgetfulness. 1,735 more words

Justice League Review

Justice League

Tom Awesome’s Review Score: 8.25

What makes a great superhero movie? Is it the super powered character? A witty teammate who always has a cheeky one-liner? 688 more words


Review: Justice League (2017) spoiler free

Inspired by Superman’s selfless sacrifice against Doomsday, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of Diana Prince to recruit a team and form an unprecedented league of heroes to face an even greater threat. 603 more words