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#1071: Commissioner Gordon



Batman: The Animated Series is in many ways a defining take on the Batman mythos, with a particular definitive trait being the voice actors portraying the characters.  822 more words


Across the Fictional Universe

Passion is a fire that can’t be put out. Many have a passion for comics. Others have it for video, tabletop or card games. Many have them all, but the greatest thing about these hobbies is that they can become a lifestyle. 371 more words


'Gotham' Reference Guide 3x02: Build a Wall and Make Metropolis Pay For It

‘Twer this a more refined conversational space, I may have posited the theory that tonight’s episode of Gotham, “Burn the Witch”, was a deep, sophisticated allegory for race relations in America under the current political climate. 1,295 more words


NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN Writers: How TIM's 'Death' Affects This Week's DETECTIVE COMICS

Article written by: Vaneta Rogers, Newsarama Contributor

Article gathered by: Jay Christoph

The Batman characters have barely had time to process the ‘death’ of their teammate Tim Drake when Gotham City was attacked by giant monsters created by Hugo Strange in the first “Rebirth” crossover, “Night of the Monster Men.” 1,224 more words


Ben Afflleck's Batman may be closer than we think

I think we can all agree that the best scenes in Dawn Of Justice were of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight himself. So that means the Batman movie starring and directed by Ben Affleck should be awesome. 148 more words


The Caped Crusaders Are Back For One Night Only

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the Blu-ray release, then you can catch Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders at cinemas on 17 October. 38 more words

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Batman graphic novels - reviews

My most favorite superhero is Batman. I fell in love with this superhero after watching the TV series as a kid. My other favorite superheroes were He-man and Phantom as I watched them on TV and read comics. 761 more words