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Batman 2.6 - Barbecued Batman?

I kind of get the feeling that the script for this episode was written without any idea who would be cast as the Minstrel. It’s not just Aunt Harriet seeing him on TV and reacting to him like he’s a member of One Direction. 289 more words


Batman 110 - the Crime of the Month Club, Alfred resigns, and Batman becomes a phantom

The final story in the issue gets the cover of Batman 110 (Sept. 57).

There is a good Joker story in this issue, by Dave Wood, Sprang and Paris, although the Joker doesn’t appear much in it. 280 more words

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Batman 105 - Batwoman trains Batman

Batwoman, introduced a few months earlier in Detective Comics, makes her second appearance in Batman 105 (Feb. 57), by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.

Although Kathy Kane had agreed at the end of her debut not to become Batwoman again, she decides to don the costume and go for a ride.  177 more words

DC Comics

Entertainment Weekly (featuring Batman v Superman) (2015)

The July 10 – 17, 2015 issue of Entertainment Weekly which contains an article on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The cover features… 32 more words


Superman: Last Son of Krypton

After an almost full week of Marvel reviews, thanks to coming across some comics at a local second hand store I will review my first comic from DC. 770 more words


Batman 103 - Batman is a klutz, and Bat-Hound is a movie star

Bat-Hound is back and in the movies in Batman 103 (Oct. 56).

The first story in the issue, by Finger, Sprang and Paris, was reprinted in an issue of Batman Family that I bought as a kid, and I have always found it entertaining.  182 more words

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Batman 102 - Batman in Babylon, and a caveman in the Batcave

Yup, that’s one awful cover on Batman 102 (Sept. 56).

Finger, Sprang and Paris have a more entertaining story in the issue.  It opens with a very convoluted premise, of a hood wanting to wear a Batman costume in public, which is against the law.  169 more words