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Dawn of the New Superheroes

Back when I was taking Philosophy 401 at OSU and Professor Marvin Fox provided an overview of the philosophy from Aristotle to Nietzsche, I remember wondering, given all these philosophers, their philosophies, and the sequence in which they occurred, who would be the next major philosopher to impact our world and what would be his philosophy. 737 more words

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It's Svengoolie Saturday Time Again...

Today’s blog post is strictly for MeTv fans everywhere who are also fans of its own Saturday night Sci-Fi line up…Now, I know that you folks expecting a link to Svengoolie’s web site about tonight’s movie, but instead of that, I thought that I should offer you a sneak peak of the rest of tonight’s sci-fi/fantasy line up, but before I get into that, I would like to share this with my fellow bloggers; Yesterday, I got upset that Svengoolie had completely forgotten to remind Chicago viewers of the previous movie that they’ll be seeing on his Facebook page yesterday, and do you want to know something else(and please forgive me that it doesn’t sound right when I say this)? 609 more words


Jack Dawson from Titanic is a time traveller, and other insane fan theories

Fans of the movie Titanic got very excited when someone posted a rather crazy, but fabulous theory about the character of Jack Dawson recently.

In the hugely-successful film, the drifter falls in love with first class passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater, much to the horror of her snooty mum, not to mention her fiance. 895 more words


Jason Momoa Talks Aquaman Role

With the release of the first official image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice there is now a real buzz about the characters new badass look, and theories are beginning to circulate about how much of a role he might play in the upcoming film. 373 more words


Top Ten Vigilantes

Hey kids! Have you ever thought about a career in vigilantism? Have you ever wanted you school of higher learning to offer a course in street justice? 245 more words


Batman Eternal #47

Some people have the ability to get out of any situation. This becomes a problem when one of these people is also a homicidal maniac. As always we start with the cover, Hush has tied Alfred to a chair and is dangling him down a cliff. 950 more words

Secret Formula

In a world…


Where all hope is lost when a megalomaniacal villain takes over the world, one person has the courage to stand up against the odds and…..blah blah blah. 530 more words

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