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The making of bats

The making of bats
is an act
that must take place
in the darkest of spaces;
no full moon,
no starlit skies.

Instead shadows and coal, 90 more words


Anatomy of Melancholy, 211-216 – Pt. I, Sec. 2, Mem. I, Subs. 6: Parents a Cause by Propagation

In this section I learned that garlic will fuzzle your brain and give you peevish children who are likewise “fuzzled in the brain.” That’s a real quote, page 214. 244 more words

The Anatomy Of Melancholy

Critically Endangered: Bulmer's Fruit Bat

First of all, this is not a picture of a Bulmer’s Fruit Bat, for the simple reason that I couldn’t find one. I chose this image from the multitude of bat pictures on Wikimedia commons. 139 more words


BigWind FAILS in Hawaii. Will Ohio learn?

Ohio will become a graveyard of industrial wind turbines, unless our citizenry educates themselves and others, about the realities of this industry. We canNOT rely on our legislators to protect us, as many have either been bribed by or have drunk the BigWind Kool-Aid.   554 more words

Night Sky

sky drifts in soft hues
horizon edge provides floor
-brown bats take to air

                                                 –cj holm

Bats and their Environment

The Importance of Bats

  • Bats assist in protecting crops from insect damage
  • Bats are natural pollinators, spreading pollen as they drink nectar from flowers
  • Bats also spread seeds throughout the land…
  • 172 more words

The Indiana Bat

“On the bat’s back I do fly, After summer merrily.”  ~Shakespeare, The Tempest, 1611


  • small bodies, about 7 grams
  • forearm length from 35 – 41 mm…
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