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A Safe Home

Hola amigos! It’s me Deanna.

So, I told you guys that I would keep you posted about my progress at a women’s shelter. Now obviously it’s going to take me some time to actually get a lot accomplished while here, but at least it’s a great start. 444 more words

A New Beginning?

Sharon examined the purplish black bruising under her right eye. Gingerly, she tried to dab on her Cover Girl concealer, but winced and drew back from the pain. 835 more words


Too much?

Sometimes I think I have more to deal with than I can emotionally handle alone.   I mean, besides trying to make a living I’m partially responsible for the restoration of Israel, and if its Roberts nonsense I’m not dealing with its Kelly’s.   504 more words



When you rise,

wipe your eyes,

feed your kids,

drop them to school,

when sleep is what you crave,

to curl up in a grave, 40 more words

Daily Post Prompt


pour your penance of plum wine
my chalice is wounded but thirsty
you haven’t yet run from your crime
there is time for atonement
I haven’t yet run from the pain… 52 more words


Longmeadow: chapter seven

Mrs. Tell

Now I have said that my Grady and my Nancy are the two halves of my heart. I recall when Mags died and I couldn’t get them children from Dick and I was so distressed I was sick with it. 2,278 more words


Abusive Hope

Hope is supposed to be this benevolent thing. “Hope Springs Eternal”. Hope keeps the spirit alive. Our world is plastered with images of hope: A wife waiting for her soldier to return from war; a mother holding her child’s hand as she waits for him to wake up from a coma. 350 more words

Domestic Violence