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on the complicated journey to freedom and the patience we need to take with it*

The journey of a band of slaves going out to freedom is fascinating, mostly because it’s not just a long ago and far away, and not just a national story of some tiny people some place, but rather, something that each person can identify with. 879 more words

Shabbat Shalom

Alberta Judge Acquits Boy of Murdering Abusive Father in order to Protect his Mother

October 2015 (Alberta, Canada): In a case of tragic justice, an Alberta judge has found a 13 year old boy not guilty of second-degree murder after he fatally shot his abusive father in order to save his mother. 701 more words

Child Abuse

The Dilemma

Vince has mentioned in his blog that he would like to write about his brother, so I should probably get out ahead of that. 652 more words

Parent-child Relationships


The night that signaled the true end was truly horrible. I don’t remember exactly how the fight started. What I remember is him standing over me in the dimly lit living room while I struggled through eyes full of tears to stuff my few belongings into my luggage. 471 more words

ABUSE - The Map to Death

The Map to Death

The fermented smell on your breath

makes me dizzy; it hangs in the air as

decay hangs to a fallen oak; rank but… 601 more words



Did your mother not teach you that women are good for more than just stroking your fragile ego?

Or is your father the reason you grew up to be such a wretched man? 63 more words


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month

As hopefully most people know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. For as long as there has been a human race on this earth, there has been that select group of people who feel the need to cause harm to others. 772 more words