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Their Shoes #13

Chrissie found her shoes at the side of the road. Someone tossed them out as garbage.

What is your biggest struggle with poverty on a daily basis? 455 more words

Stories as Old as Time

This is a series of posts about Italy, Malta, and Spain that starts here.

The Borghese, pronounced borrrr-geh’-see-ah, was once a private estate originally owned by a cardinal who was the nephew of a pope.  679 more words


Wordle #277

I watch your face
tremulous and yellow
where I left it spinning
in haphazard momentum
mere inches above my own.

I trace the air above your foul smile, 128 more words


The Lisping Barista Gets a Song in her Head

I have to do this right away or I’ll change my mind. You know, Option #7; the clobber Chai Latte with a baseball bat one. As soon as he leaves, I get the bat and wait by the door.

754 more words
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Jack and Coke

Let the Whiskey do the talking

and the coffee apologize

the beer drown your sorrows

maybe there’s no tomorrow

of course you’re forgiven

because you’ve given her no hope… 13 more words

The Lisping Barista Considers Her Options

  1. Tell Chai Latte I’m moving out and he can’t stop me. Have him beat me up because he wants to give me a going away present.
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At The Epiphany Cafe

Dimmed Lights

My heart goes out
To lights dimmed
Residing in
Dark places
Their power
Long relinquished

A pattern played
Their brightness seized
Turned back on them… 108 more words