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The Restorative Powers of Kittens


When Vince and I started blogging, I didn’t realize that a theme of redemption would emerge. Vince is transformation is probably obvious. Mine is subtler and has unfolded over many years. 682 more words



While battered women are not responsible for their abuse, certain behaviors can signal the vulnerability of victims to potential abusers. Among these are verbal cues. 387 more words

Physical Abuse

Dying for a Smoke


I’ve written about how I’m so lucky / grateful to not be an addict. However, quitting smoking was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, so I guess that makes me … an addict? 545 more words


Elonis Ruling by U.S. Supreme Court Fails Victims

DENVER, CO–Yesterday, in a concerning turn of events, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Anthony Douglas Elonis in a case that will have a profound impact on victims and survivors of online abuse and cyberstalking. 359 more words

Domestic Violence

Opening My Eyes to Emotional and Verbal Abuse

It’s been a long time since I’ve put a new entry into this blog.   It’s not that I haven’t worked with the kids or found new ways of helping my ADHD child.   614 more words

Domestic Violence

The Physical Abuse

I have mostly experienced mental abuse from my partners. There was financial abuse and neglect of basic needs also. There was violence in the form of breaking my things and punching holes in the walls of the house. 294 more words

Mental Health

Physical Abuse and the Ongoing Injury in My Neck

Loud sudden noises frighten me and make me jump. I have been wondering why that is and it finally occurred to me that it is the PTSD from domestic abuse. 557 more words

Domestic Abuse