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Bulk pack drumsticks

Most are scrawny. I don’t expect the former owners found much use for them. The others show more pluck. Evidence of exercise. Scratching at their cage? 12 more words


Save the animals part 2:Would you like to be tortured as well?

Animals are being tortured every day. Battery chickens are locked in tiny cages living in conditions we couldn’t handle. All those people out there who put these poor chickens in cages like this should be ashamed of themselves. 228 more words


Ex-battery backyard Hens

Ahoy, happy Sunday…

I saw that LittleHill Animal Sanctuary had another “chicken run” this weekend and it made me think of my two little gals and how far we’ve come… 1,461 more words

Battery Chickens

A long overdue catch up.

Yes, it’s been AGES since I last blogged. February, in fact…

Shame on me.

So, what have I been up to since? Here are some highlights… 762 more words