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With just about every automaker announcing an EV offensive, the race is on to find a battery breakthrough. Never mind wringing a few more mpg from ICE cars. 205 more words

Battery Technology

NEW Promising Battery Technology

Read more (see source link below) about a promising new battery technology that would allow you to charge your smartphone in only a few seconds; would last a week between charges; and can be recharged more that 30,000 times without degrading. 15 more words

Information Technology

The Decline of Journalism, Part 2 (Of a Long and Sad Series I am Afraid)

I have commented before about the decline of journalism. One aspect of that decline is the ascendance of journalist narratives, which occur when a journalist, rather than report the opinions of others more expert, inserts their own narratives, the ones that will get them advanced in their position at their workplace. 913 more words


Bulk Battery Storage of Wind Power a Myth

In the fall-out over South Australia’s wind powered economic and social calamity, the line has been repeatedly spun about fixing the mess with ‘rapidly improving battery storage technology’. 880 more words

Big Wind Industry

From BNL: "Slicing Through Materials with a New X-ray Imaging Technique"

Brookhaven Lab

August 12, 2016
Chelsea Whyte,
(631) 344-8671

Peter Genzer,
(631) 344-3174

Images reveal battery materials’ chemical reactions in five dimensions – 3D space plus time and energy… 959 more words


Lithium-air batteries Their time has come

A new type of electrical cell may displace the lithium-ion design

A cage for battery ions

BATTERIES are notoriously hard to improve. Nowhere was this more apparent than at the opening last week, on July 29th, of Tesla’s Gigafactory, a massive battery plant in Nevada. 727 more words