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How to Prevent a Car Battery from Failing in Winter

Fewer things can be more frustrating than jumping in your car on a frosty morning, turning the ignition on and failing to hear the engine roar to life. 546 more words

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8 tips to select the right battery for your car

A car battery helps to power your car’s engine and provides charge for all the electrical and electronic accessories in it. If your engine takes a longer time to crank and start you need to visit a garage for “load test” of your battery. 856 more words

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Car battery - Recycle and Disposal

You know where to buy a car battery but do you know where and how to recycle and dispose an old battery?

The best way to dispose your car battery is to give it for recycling. 435 more words

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Maintaining your Car Battery

Is your car battery constantly at low voltage? Do you keep wondering where to buy a car battery of good quality as yours keeps degrading frequently? 382 more words

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How to Jump-Start a Battery

If your battery is almost dead and you have no idea of Where to buy car battery, what will you do? Aha! Here’s where your skills of jump-starting the battery will come in handy. 616 more words

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