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may 28th...

May 28, 2010…… We picked up Hunter in Pawnee about 6:45. We took him to eat at Texas Road House, left about 8:15. Then took him to the new house. 787 more words

Is This Commodity In The Midst Of An Epic Price Bubble?

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Lithium might be the energy of the future. And lithium might be in the midst of an epic price bubble. 970 more words

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How to safe your battery life

Recently my phone had been acting weird. My battery percentage has been dropping every minute by one percent and when i try to restart it, it goes from 23% to 8%. 405 more words

Hands On: HP Spectre

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Laptops have become increasingly thin over the years, and the newly launched HP Spectre is no exception. In fact, HP touts it as the world’s thinnest laptop. 657 more words


NC750XA Yuasa Battery

Got my YTZ 14 Battery from a local dealer Lim Ah Boy. Cost $110 for the Japan model. And $90 for Taiwan model. I took Japan. 41 more words


Mara! 1


You are ten weeks pregnant!

I fixed my eyes at the newly transferred gynecologist in our local clinic- Nasarawa General Hospital and my eyes dilated the more at the words that had just fallen off her mouth. 3,500 more words

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Mercedes finally revealed how much its at-home battery costs

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A lot has been said about the different advantages of Mercedes’ at-home battery option, but without clear information on the price it’s been difficult to truly compare it to competitors like Tesla. 239 more words