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What Are You Doing When Nobody's Watching?

My middle son Jake turns 14 today and what I consistently think of first is his drive for the one goal that consumes his life – playing professional baseball. 454 more words

Life Plans

Tom 365 - April 10, 2015

Opening Day is finally here for the South Side.

Batter up. Or Batting Practice Up.


STEVE KETTMANN: Don’t Let Statistics Ruin Baseball

New York Times: ONE of the charms of baseball, which started up again this week, is the exhilarating departure it offers from the noisy bustle of daily life. 114 more words


Proper Tee Work- Dustin Pedroia

MLB Network – Batting Off The Tee With Dustin Pedroia / Billy Ripken.

Some Key Points:

  • Billy Ripken notes how the Tee is a hitters best friend, All MLB players use a tee to train.
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How Do You Plan To Spend Your Retirement

I cannot speak for other people, but I sure have some big plans for my retirement days. I do not know if those days will ever truly come, but I want to give it my best shot in case they do. 936 more words