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Battle Angel (1993)

Battle Angel remains an impressive two episode OAV, but not one to my taste anymore. As I observed with the Battlestar Galactica remake, Grimdark is not for me… 190 more words


A library review

This weekend I gave myself a mission to scan into Goodreads all the books I own, noting which have read v want to read. I am lucky enough to have a small room dedicated to books, and a partner who is just as obsessed with reading and collecting books as I am (though a much faster reader). 344 more words

Book Review

Battle Angel: The greatest James Cameron film never made

In case there is any doubt, James Cameron makes good movies, if you are thinking of big budget destructa-thon shit-fests (that you still go to see anyway) that’s Michael Bay. 1,571 more words


Battle Angel

I have finished the book. Finished at 3AM. I cried myself to sleep. I am an emotional wreck right now.

Ok soo let me start from the beginning. 656 more words

This has random stuff in it

Ow yeah you totally won that Naqeeb, your rant is way better than mine.

I had THE best day today! I woke up at 5 and then read, watched some t.v and am now blogging and after this will read my book. 78 more words

Top Ten Favorite AMVs on Youtube: #1 Four Different Animes featuring Stronger by Daft Punk

This anime features four different anime in it, Ghost In the Shell, the first anime I’ve seen, Battle Angel, which is an old movie from the 1990s, Armitage III, another old movie from the 1990s with some unfortunately bad dubbing and Saber Marionette, which I have heard something about but is the only anime of the four that I have not actually seen. 65 more words

James Cameron da entrevista reveladora en Reddit

El director James Cameron se encuentra árduamente trabajando en la secuelas de “Avatar,” pero este fin de semana se tomó el tiempo para responder preguntas de sus fans en una entrevista vía… 567 more words