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Updates on Alita: Battle Angel Film

‘Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau spoke at CinemaCon panel session today titled “An Industry Think Tank 3.0: Meeting the Expectations of Today’s Savvy Moviegoer’, speaking on current projects. 155 more words


Bodies in Battle Angel Alita

Kodansha Comics has recently begun reissuing one of my favourite manga, which has long been out of print—Battle Angel Alita. It’s been long enough since I last picked an issue up to make this something of a rediscovery for me, especially with regard to Yukito Kishiro’s art, which feels almost expressionistic in its starkness and fluid linework. 587 more words


Episode 233: Please Keep Alita's Creepy Eyes Look, Fox


Hollywood has tried adapting Japanese manga and anime into live-action before and they haven’t done a good job at it, have they? They’ve tried so many times in the past with low-budget schlock like Guyver and Fist of the North Star to big budget bombs like Dragon Ball: Evolution and Ghost in the Shell. 1,037 more words

Robin's Adventures

About that Alita: Battle Angel trailer

A trailer just dropped for the live action Alita: Battle Angel movie and I’m seeing a fair bit of controversy over the large eyes given to Rosa Salazar as Alita. 454 more words


First Alita: Battle Angel Trailer

The first trailer for the long-awaited Alita: Battle Angel was surprisingly released. The project is one of James Cameron’s longest in-development films, and the cast and effects certainly show it. 263 more words


Hollywood Needs to Stop Making Remakes

I am so bored with movies these days.  Between the endless sequels, and the unending reboots and remakes, why should I go to the theaters when I can just as easily not watch those films at home?  1,332 more words