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Rivalries: Bessie

Bessie was the first child of Lizzie and Richard Battle, being born in 1899/1900. North Carolina did not require Vital Records registration until 1913, so I allow a little wiggle room in the details. 1,676 more words


Three Sisters, Rivalries: How It Began

Sibling rivalries. The 1930 and 1940 Census records show all or most of my close Battle relatives living in the same house, which we called “1723”.   754 more words


The Secret Ingredient

When we visited Baltimore, traveling from Philadelphia, my husband and I took turns visiting various relatives. We were in graduate school and therefore, had little time and less money. 1,422 more words



My Great-Aunt Dorothea Butler Battle Merchant died yesterday. She lived from 1920 to 2015, and would have turned 95 this Summer. She might have been the most memorable of my relatives. 987 more words


Tonsilitis as a Death Sentence

Over the Summer, I finally took the plunge and did DNA testing for my great-aunt Jackie and myself. The results have been fascinating because the matches have lead me to confirm that some of my documentation was correct. 795 more words


In the Will, Alfred and Esther

Tracing enslaved ancestors can bring up difficult emotions. This is primary, personal history. Most U.S. citizens would prefer to deny or at least distance themselves from the reality of slavery. 695 more words


Last Slave

She deserves to be remembered. Annie Battle was the last person born into slavery in my paternal family. She was my great-great-grandmother. I do not know if any photographs were ever taken of Annie. 809 more words