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The battle of Agincourt was fought and won by the English against the French in less than a couple of hours on an autumn Friday morning on a muddy ploughed field. 592 more words


Battle of Agincourt - Friday 25th October 1415 - The End of Chivalry


On Friday 25th October 1415 Henry V and the English defeated the French at the Battle of Agincourt against all odds. They were outnumbered and with the French sensing victory they celebrated the predicted slaughter of the English the night before. 375 more words


Haiku About Saint Crispin's and Saint Crispinian's Day and The Battle of Agincourt

Haiku About Saint Crispin’s and Saint Crispinian’s Day and The Battle of Agincourt

Henry V led them
Inspires with stirring speech
this blest happy few


On This Day...

… in 1415, the Battle of Agincourt took place between the English and the French during the Hundred Years’ War. The result was a major English victory, despite the fact that the French troops vastly outnumbered the English. 55 more words


Battle of Agincourt Oct 25 1415

Since school days I have found the Battle of Agincourt curiously appealing and quite interesting–even more so since my discovery that Thomas de Strickland was in the melee on King Henry V’s side, and that he carried the… 111 more words


A Nundead Spy's Social Media Etiquette Guide

Though I have gone missing for some time, Readrrr, fear you not; I am not dead. I am rather, The Nundead, a holy elaboration on the state of being simply “dead.” I promised you I would come back; I just didn’t say when. 5,043 more words

The Culpepper Line

  Culpepper country Sussex England

Two Culpepper brothers married two sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, granddaughters of Sir Richard Wakehurst, who thus brought the Wakehurst estate into the Culpepper family. 14 more words