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The Battle of Justification

The Battle of Algiers, directed by Gillo Pontecorvo is a moving film about the Algerian War. It tells the story of the FLN and their battle for independence from France. 384 more words


Moral Gray Area and the Myths of Civilization

One of the best ways to teach a lesson is through storytelling. We see this in many children’s books and fairy tales such as the story of Pinocchio. 1,640 more words


Third Cinema and Fanon

Connect Solanas and Getino’s arguments with Fanon’s. Where do you see overlaps? Distinctions? Now evaluate Xala and Battle in terms of the aims of third cinema.

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The Battle of Algeriers- Realism Undermined

By Walter Bender

The Battle of Algiers is an Italian movie depicting the resistance of the National Liberation Front (FLN) against the French occupation during the Algerian War. 689 more words

Battle Of Algiers

Objectivity and Moral Relevance

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A really beneficial habit I’ve started to use is to not take notes at all during our screening and really allow the film the attention it needs to inform me, as a viewer. 659 more words

Battle Of Algiers

National Culture

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The movie represents to me the ideas we discussed in the article “on national culture”. I see Jaffar as the intellectual who is not close to his people and culture. 318 more words

Battle Of Algiers

Woman "Unveiled", "Algeria Unveiled"

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Borrowing from Fanon and Stam & Spence, the most significant aspect in Battle of Algiers is the female revolutionary actors and their occupation of the “negative space” in the colonial and anti-colonial narrative construction. 441 more words