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The Battle Of Badr

Every people remember optimistic important battle which has played a significant work in it’s the past. For Muslims, the Battle of Badr was a majority significant time in which the Muslims under enemy control a strong Quraysh protection force next to all chances afterlife form strong-minded out from their homes in Makkah next financial sanction and pestering. 108 more words


Battle of Badr

At the Battle of Badr, the Muslims were outnumbered, 313 ill-equipped men to 900 Makkan soldiers. However, the Muslims were victorious on the 17th of Ramadhan, and this was a major victory by the Muslims in their first battle against the Makkans in their first battle. 312 more words


The Battle Of Badr, 17 Ramadan – Part I

At the beginning of the month of Ramadan, 2 AH, news came to Al-Madeenah that a Makkan caravan was coming from Syria which would pass by Al-Madeenah. 1,493 more words


Surah 8:69 - Prisoners From The Battle Of Badr


Madinan verse (Al-Wahidi, Ibn Kathir, Mawdudi and Dr. Muhammed Asad)

Analysing Verse

“So consume what you have taken of war booty lawful and good, and fear Allah .

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