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Quran 8:61 - 75 Battle Of Badr


These verses refer to the battle of Badr (624 AD) and those who migrated to Madinah, fleeing persecution.

Analysing Verses

8:61 And if they incline to peace, then incline to it…

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The Open Hostility Of Quraish

Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi

As soon as the Muslims, under the leadership of the Prophet achieved a sense of stability in Al-Madeenah, they had to prepare for a long and hard struggle against both the Quraish and other enemies. 1,341 more words


Review Of The Battle Of Badr

Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani

Having given a bare description of events, we now proceed to a critical examination of the question whether the battle of Badr was a defensive measure against the Quraish or, as generally stated by historians, a high-way robbery directed against a trade-caravan. 5,281 more words


Invasion Of Badr (Third Badr)?

Some scholars’ say this is the second Badr, which happened in the year 4 Hijri. But there are enough evidences to say that this is the third Badr. 1,226 more words


Did Quraysh Persecute Muslims When They Fled To Madinah?

Kaleef K. Karim & Aliyu Musa Misau


Missionaries and other critics often repeat the baseless ‘claim’ of ‘atrocities’ committed by Muhammad (p) against Quraysh, glossing over the fact that these incidents they injudiciously referred to as “atrocities” were nothing but just responses to the attacks initiated by the Quraysh, and continued even when the Muslims fled to Medina, fleeing persecution. 576 more words


Quraysh Declared War Against Muslims Before The Battle Of Badr

On Sa’d ibn Mua’dh’s visit to Mecca to do Umrah, the Quraysh declared war against the Muslims!

Sahih al-Bukhari:

“Sa`d bin Mu`adh came to Mecca with the intention of performing `Umra, and stayed at the house of Umaiya bin Khalaf Abi Safwan, for Umaiya himself used to stay at Sa`d’s house when he passed by Medina on his way to Sham.

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A perfect Islamic storm looming large on the horizon

A perfect Islamic storm looming large on the horizon

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God bless America. Hope everyone is safe today as you celebrate this country and it’s independence from evil. 853 more words