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The Battle of Britain eps 2

So, continuing from yesterday, first of all, let’s say Hitler hadn’t changed orders to bomb the main cities of the United Kingdom and had, instead, just concentrated on the airfields then, without a shadow of doubt, the Royal Air Force would have bled to death with the loss of an irreplaceable number of aircraft and personnel. 544 more words

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Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Three 23rd-26th Aug - 266 Sqn do their bit but overall situation begins to deteriorate

With 2 more Sqns destroyed the day before, the strain on the remaining pilots and Sqn’s was beginning to tell. 266 Sqn were required to step into the breach with increasing regularity. 502 more words


The Battle of Britain episode 1

Hello and welcome to another instalment. This time I thought I would talk about the Battle of Britain as the anniversary of the battle started a few days ago so I thought I would share my thoughts and try to broaden public opinion on the subject. 485 more words

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London calling…

For a little bit longer.

So here comes the end of the June 2015 Travel Saga with the last few stops on our strange whirlwind World War II tour: London. 1,057 more words


BRITAIN IN WW2 reviews

A new 3/4 star review of the SECOND EDITION OF BRITAIN AT WAR 1939 to 1945 What was life like during the war? by James Lingard… 290 more words

Home Front

Battle of Britain campaign 2015 – Part Two 20th-22nd Aug - 266 Sqn score freely during happy hour

As the battle continued the RAF were managing to hold their own but news that 2 Sqns had been destroyed defending Southend threatened to allow the Luftwaffe to regain the initiative. 444 more words


Biggin Hill Hardest Day Flypast - 18th August 2015 - The Aircraft

I’ll be putting together a full report on this wonderful day spent at Biggin over the next couple of weeks, but before it becomes a too distant memory I wanted to put up a shot of each aircraft. 110 more words