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10th July 1940. Battle for the Skies.

Today in 1940 the Battle of Britain began with attacks on coastal ports and shipping passing through the English Channel. Known as ‘hell-fire’ corner, it carried vital supplies such as coal, protected only by a token naval force. 425 more words


Southampton and the Spitfire

At this very moment 76 years ago, the Battle of Britain raged overhead in the skies of Southern England. The 10th of July is often considered the start date, with the Luftwaffe first focusing on attacking shipping, before moving on to Britain’s airfields, factories, and eventually residential areas. 693 more words


On This Day: 10th July

On this day in 1940, the Luftwaffe launched what Winston Churchill dubbed the ‘Battle of Britain’. The attacks initially focused on British shipping ports and airfields along the English Channel but gradually the battle moved inland. 58 more words

On This Day

Went the Day Well

Made at the height of World War Two, Went the Day Well is a British film that deserves revisiting from time to time. What probably started as an Ealing film destined as much for propaganda as entertainment, has become recognised- after a long period of critical neglect – as one of the finest war films made during the conflict itself. 886 more words

Win this book!

Win this book!

I’ve done a few  reviews for Pen & Sword lately (with more in the pipeline) and, by way of thanks, they’ve provided me with a copy of 1940: The Battles To Stop Hitler to give away. 675 more words

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July 4th 1776


Oddly enough, the English don’t celebrate U.S. Independence on the 4th of July.  Or perhaps, not so oddly, since it was us your forefathers wanted to be independent from. 53 more words

Myths And Legends

Wargame Wednesday - RAF: The Battle of Britain 1940, by Decision Games.

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Some of my favourite WWII films are ones that cover aerial combat such as 633 Squadron, Memphis Belle, Dambusters, and of course The Battle of Britain. 1,243 more words

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