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Dunkirk Movie Preview

Dunkirk is an upcoming war film, written and co-produced by director Christopher Nolan. Set during World War II, it focuses on the true story of the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation. 182 more words


Winston Churchill: The Few

On August 20, 1940, during the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill made a speech to the House of Commons, honouring the bravery of and expressing gratitude to the airmen who prevailed. 238 more words

Modern Age

My Canada, 118/150: A monkey gets his wings

My dad was one in a million — literally.

My father, Ted Teahen, was one of more than one million Canadians who served in some way during the Second World War, either in the army, navy, or air force. 709 more words

My Canada

A Short History of Air Rescue in World War II

The idea of establishing a specialized and elite force for the rescue of downed aircrews grew out of three interlocked circumstances just before the Second World War: (1) a deep‑seated European belief in the sanctity of life, (2) the high expense of training replacement aircrews for those lost in combat, and (3) the greater effectiveness of aircrews who believed that there was a reasonable expectation of surviving a bailout or crashlanding. 662 more words


Battle of Britain Campaign - 43 Squadron RAF's First Sortie

Recently, I was invited to join an aerial campaign based around the Battle of Britain in 1940. Each of the participating players has been asked to select an RAF fighter squadron and the premise is that, chronologically, the air battles of the selected squadrons will be played out using the Wings of Glory WW2 gaming system. 481 more words


Salute to a British icon

Have you always wanted to own your very own Spitfire? Well buying one could set you back a hefty £3 million and then you’ve got to find somewhere to put it, you can’t just park in on your front lawn. 473 more words