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First Look

The first “teaser” trailer for the Hurricane, the film about Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain, which I co-write, is out on You Tube. If you wonder why there is an “American” voice all over it, it is because one of the senior officers in 303 Squadron was Johnny Kent, a Canadian, and he is played in the film by Milo Gibson, Mel’s son, below. 27 more words


The Battle of Graveney Marsh - The last battle on British soil.

Most history books have Bonny Prince Charlie’s 1746 defeat at Culloden as the final battle to occur in this country.   Of course that is just the stock answer, the actual final combat on British soil is the the virtually unheard of Battle of Graveney Marsh in the Kent countryside  which took place 194 years later on September 27 1940 between the crew of a downed German bomber and a company of British soldiers who had been holed up in a local pub. 844 more words


Looks Like Nigel Farage and I Agree On WW II Heroes

If you know me very well at all, you know that I am very passionate about the heroes who saved the world as WW II veterans. 58 more words


Chocks Away

Regular readers may have seen my recent post Projection describing the joy Macfee and myself felt watching the Festival of light, hosted by our local shopping mall, we stumbled upon it by accident and were truly thrilled. 399 more words




I’ll be seeing you

You were so proud, dressed in blue,

the boy warrior crowned with eagles,

a knight errant on a steed of oil, engine, and… 211 more words


Miss Beatrice Shilling Saves the Spitfire

On a bright spring morning in 1940, the Royal Air Force pilot was in the fight of his life. Strapped into his brand new Supermarine Spitfire, he was locked in mortal combat with a Luftwaffe pilot over the English Channel in the opening days of the Battle of Britain. 63 more words