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Played by Jeff Daniels in the Movie

Curled up with the Battle of Fredericksburg (the first one)

while nursing cold coffee

on a warm bed one early afternoon in April


of the predawn darkness… 436 more words


Gods and Generals

… or four and a half hours of my life I won’t get back.

The impetus for watching this film was actually inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. 2,180 more words

Union Balloon Corps: Part 3

(Part 1 and Part 2 are available for reference.)

The Union Balloon Corps received little recognition for its successes, and many in the military Sevens Days Battles considered them nothing more than entertainment. 427 more words


Lincoln's Message To The Army

What did President Lincoln have to say to his soldiers after the Battle of Fredericksburg?

We dug into the ECW archives and found Chris Mackowski’s post from 2013 to answer the question. 102 more words

Emerging Civil War

Foote on Burnside

As Shelby Foote worked on his massive three-volume narrative of The Civil War, he kept his friend, novelist Walker Percy, in the loop on his progress.  151 more words


Question of the Week: 12/12-12/18/16

Do you have a favorite military unit from the Battle of Fredericksburg? Why do you admire them?

Emerging Civil War

Communicating Death & Creating Memory on Fredericksburg's Streets

I have recently had a conference paper accepted on the topic of letters communicating bereavement to those on the Home Front. Since I began my work on the widow’s and dependent pension files, I have become particularly interested in these types of document, and in exploring the multitude of questions we can ask of them. 3,177 more words

Irish American Civil War