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"Do Better"

So after starting the project in 2011, A Bloodless Victory is finally nearing the end of its production process and is even available for preorder… 353 more words

Battle Of New Orleans

Failed Ironclads: CSS Mississippi and CSS Louisiana at New Orleans

In October 1861, the skeletons of two strange iron monsters began to emerge from the Mississippi bank at Jefferson City, just north of New Orleans. They would become the CSS… 1,620 more words

Emerging Civil War

2017 Trip Two: Tour of Texas March 27

New Orleans, Louisiana Monday March 27

A rag-tag group of diverse soldiers, mainly untrained, saved the United States. Back in 1812, the United States was still a rough, unrespected experiment in government. 1,166 more words



A few more thoughts about Andrew Jackson:

If you were following his itinerary last week, you will know that President Trump visited the grave of the nation’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, on the way to a political rally in Nashville.  951 more words

U. S. Politics

Another Jacksonian Age, For Better or Worse

President Andrew Jackson is back in the news again, despite being dead the past 172 years, this time around because of President Donald Trump. Jackson’s portrait has been given a prominent place in Trump’s Oval Office, Trump took the opportunity of a trip to Nashville this week to lay a wreath at Jackson’s home, and the current president frequently makes a point of comparing himself to his rough-hewn and populist predecessor. 1,208 more words


King Andrew Meets Queens' Donald

Today Donald Trump will lay a wreath on the tomb of Andrew Jackson in commemoration of the 7th President of the United States’ birthday, and once again a major aspect of the Battle of New Orleans’ memorialization is getting… 333 more words

Battle Of New Orleans

Jimmy Driftwood

Jimmy Driftwood was born James Corbitt Morris in 1907. He lived until 1998 and in that time he is said to have written over 6000 songs, over 300 of which were recorded by various people. 85 more words