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Introduction of the Seventh President

Following the Election of 1828, Andrew Jackson was preparing to move into the White House, newly a widower and introducing a change in leadership. 445 more words

Early Republic


★★Andrew Jackson was eight years old when the British marched to Lexington and Concord. “On the 18th of April in 75, hardly a man is now alive” as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow put it. 633 more words

The Aftermath of the War of 1812

As news arrived in America on February 13, 1815 that the Treaty of Ghent was finalized and that peace between America and Britain was complete, Americans had a complete change of mind. 442 more words

Early Republic

January 8, 2016

The eight of January marks a historical event…and a fiddle song.

Better known as the Battle of New Orleans, I use to sing the song to the kids (still do actually) and daughter Malinda fiddled it for me when I asked.  90 more words

Random Thoughts

The 2015 Black List

Aaannd… we are back to December and the release of the annual Black List, a list of the most popular unproduced scripts currently floating around Hollywood as named by 250 film executives. 201 more words


2015 Road Trip Photos #31: NOLA History Trilogy

The Louisiana State Museum is no single building, but rather a statewide aegis for several full-size museums and a few structures of historical significance. Over half are in New Orleans; one of those, the Old U.S. 1,116 more words


Historical Campfire Tales: General Jackson Does New Orleans

These posts come with a caveat. They are written from memory as stories for entertainment purposes. No research except getting the dates right goes into these. 1,262 more words