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In 1937 when unionization was spreading throughout the country, the United Auto Workers (UAW) began targeting automotive manufacturer employees to join their union. Ford was never interested in unionization and had previously taken steps to prevent his workers to feel the need to join a union. 58 more words

When thuggery is OK

By: Rich Lowry
Via Politico December 12, 2012 11:29 PM EST

It was an ugly spectacle in Lansing the other day. A Republican lawmaker predicted blood on the streets. 803 more words


Battle Of The Overpass Will Repeat Its History In Michigan And UNIONS Will be Victorious Again.

Walter Reuther and Richard Frankensteen shortly after being attacked by Ford Service men during the “Battle of the Overpass.” The men were beaten for distributing United Auto Workers leaflets outside of the Ford Rouge Plant, Dearborn, Michigan, 23 May 1937. 28 more words


MI Politician Says Of Right-To-Work: 'There Will Be Blood'

LANSING (WWJ/AP) – Top officials raised the threat level in right-to-work discourse Tuesday, vowing to wage war against those who moved quickly to pass the divisive legislation through the Michigan Legislature. 305 more words


Wonders of the mind and Henry Ford

Thomas Edison threw the switch. Then there was light. It was a glorious event for the nation and for the remarkable life of Henry Ford… 1,047 more words


Davison, Oakman Blvd, W.Vernor, and the Battle of the Overpass

The weather was kind of odd on Sunday, as if it couldn’t make up its mind whether to be cloudy or not. It was beautiful cycling weather in all other respects. 975 more words

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