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Don't be a Turkey; Drink some Hot Bean Water (Sorry)

If one thing can be said for humans it’s that we probably should–nay, must–eat food or we’ll die. Sure, some food tastes better than others and it’s doubtful cavemen were slamming oreos back in prehistory, but the basic building blocks have always been there. 724 more words

Five Poles Who Changed the World

Here in the United States, schools are quick to teach students about famous Americans and western Europeans. Countries like Poland are often forgotten about, even though they had individuals who made significant impacts on the world. 902 more words

Roses, Resolutions and Treasure

Montrésor is the name of the village I’m visiting today.  When I first heard the name I thought it meant ‘My Treasure’.  It wasn’t on my original itinerary.   1,965 more words


Bagels, Croissants, Cappuccino and Shish Kabobs

So terrified were the Moslems at the Battle of Vienna 9 9/11/16830 that it was all over in three hours when they fled fearing that John Sobieski’s winged-horsemen were avenging angels. 204 more words

07 Observation


9/11 has historically been of great importance to the Moslem world. Many of their battles have been fought on that date.

On 9/11/1683 the Battle of Vienna took place. 206 more words

07 Observation

That Croissant You Eat Is a Political/Religious Statement

Most people do not realize that the Croissant is Austrian, not French.  It was made in the shape of a crescent to celebrate the Austrian victory over the Turks.  377 more words

Humor And Observations

The Pastoralist Challenge to Agriculturalism


The great age of horse nomads

In discussions of the large-scale historical structure of civilization I often have recourse to a tripartite distinction between pre-civilized nomadic foragers, settled agriculturalism (which I also call… 1,906 more words