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One of the things that still astonishes me is how much stuff I was taught in school that either was wrong or incomplete. Therefore, when … 559 more words


From Slovakia to Slovenia. Part II: Vienna

With my meetings concluded, I had some time left over for a walk. I lived in Vienna  for about a year during 2013-14. Rediscovering my old neighborhood near the Westbhanhof was enjoyable. 250 more words

The Ultimate Grilled Bagel Sandwich. Trust Me.

On September 12, 1683, after two long months of siege by the Ottoman Empire, the city of Vienna, Austria was rescued by the largest cavalry charge in history. 673 more words


An elected king, a great battle and a fall of once a mighty kingdom

While traveling and sightseeing even just to spent time or getting to know a foreign country, sooner or later we are explained some historical facts, but not being historians we can hardly place them quickly in a rightful context. 506 more words


United in Victory

Venimus, Vidimus, Deus vicit!

“We came, we saw, God conquered!” These words of the Polish King Jan Sobieski reflect well the Hand of Providence in the victory which decisively saved Christendom from the long Turkish onslaught.  

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Poland: the Linchpin of Europe

September is a very important month for Poland and all people with a Polish background. Two significant, yet contrasting, events occurred during this month in Polish history: the 1683 victory at Vienna, which halted the Ottoman Empire’s advance into Europe and the 1939 conquest by  Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. 631 more words

Polish History