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Battle Scenes for the Non-Combative Writer

Writerly Rant #71

By M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor.

I find myself in the midst of writing another battle scene for a novel not aimed at the military aspect of war – and yet I wonder if that’s a contradiction in itself. 462 more words

M.J. Moores

Apep Attacks

Ra and Sutekh, two prominent Neteru (gods) from ancient Egyptian mythology, battle the monstrous serpent Apep while sailing through the underworld of Duat.

Sutekh (better known to Western audiences as Set) is often perceived as the Egyptian pantheon’s resident villain due to his power struggle with Heru (or Horus), but he was not always portrayed as an antagonist. 206 more words


Writing a Battle Scene: Important Details to Know

There are a few things you need to know before you begin writing a battle scene. They are the follow:

  1. The character you will follow into battle.
  2. 1,176 more words

Cirque Battle Scene Returns After Fatal Fall

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Cirque du Soleil officials say they have taken safety measures as they bring back the battle scene in the company’s “Ka” show to ensure a fatal fall like the one that occurred 18 months ago doesn’t happen again. 107 more words


The Author's Obligation to the Reader

I texted a friend once asking her if she had ever read a book where there was a good scene but it could have been written so much better. 1,037 more words

Queen & Star Wars mashup

I’ve posted this before but it’s SO freakin’ good..


Leaping Into Battle

An Egyptian warrior queen leaps into battle against some Middle Eastern soldiers in the desert. Hopefully her agility, lightning reflexes, and martial arts skills can aid her against this mass of enemies! 42 more words