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Into the Eagle Nest

This Egyptian warrior really doesn’t trust Romans, so she decided to pay their embassy a secret visit and spy on them. Of course she has gotten herself into trouble with the legionaries here, but she’s more than prepared for them. 9 more words


The Fall of Rome

A Kushite army, armed with flaming projectiles, lays siege to the city of Rome. In this timeline, it was not barbarians from the North that fell Rome, but a rival empire from the South. 44 more words



Sometimes the simplest of days are the best. A friend recently visited, and all we did was eat and visit. It was the best day. No events, no drives through beautiful scenery, just catching up with each other’s lives, hearing what was really being said, adding some perspective, hugging and laughing and loving each other. 261 more words


Perseus to the Rescue

In Greek mythology, Perseus was a son of Zeus who became the first of the heroic demigods. He’s best known for lopping off Medusa’s head and starring in the… 135 more words


Steeltooth Versus Swordbrow

Deep within the jungles of Yombi in the heart of the Aferkan continent, a steeltooth (Tyrannosaurus rex) and a swordbrow (Triceratops prorsus) play out their battle of predator and prey in sight of an ancient Bayombi tomb.


Did I Mention Vampires?

My clan, living in a large multi-level medieval type almost mansion, with portraits adorning many of the walls.  Portraits of lineage as well as landscapes lining the walk up the majestic staircase, one painting in particular stands out, one of the clansmen is the artist.  132 more words

Diana's Dreams

Battle for Jurassic World

We all know it’s going to happen. All we can do is hope it’ll turn out every bit as epic as we’re hoping.