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Goodbye, Anxiety

It’s hard to start a career. It’s even harder to have more than one job at the same time. It’s hardest to spend your rest days still working. 1,800 more words

Hosea: A Fourteen Part Deep Dive Study

Hosea 10:1-15:

Israel empties his vine; He brings forth fruit for himself.  According to the multitude of his fruit He has increased the altars; According to the bounty of his land They have embellished his sacred pillars. 1,442 more words



The devil goes around as a lion…

Jesus Christ is the Lion.

Peace, I am glad you are here.

Kandy Kay Hobdy

Book Review: The Girl Without Magic by Megan O'Russel

Hey guys happy Monday it’s time for my Book review. So this week I read two books I read Ash and Quill by Rachel Caine and this amazing book called… 494 more words

Check out the latest Pacific Rim Uprising TV Spot: featuring bigger monsters and bigger battles [Major News]

Jake Pentecost is the next leader in the upcoming movie Pacific Rim: Uprising and he will be put the to test  to live up the legacy of his father (Stacker Pentecost), who… 319 more words


Mortal Rage Genesis

Long long ago, there was a battle,

battle between love and hate, battle between war and peace,

the battle between the two sides,

and the supporters of two entities, darkness and light. 269 more words


The Siege - Very Short Story

Karl’s breath was heavy as he stumbled down a hill, with branches whipping his face through the thicket. Hoarse voices echoed his surroundings and men rushed down beside him. 492 more words