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heals-brynige, f.n: a gorget (throat armour), a hauberk (long defensive shirt, usually mail). (“hey-als-brihn-ee-yeh”)

Old English

The Inner Critic: Yourself

Hello Friends,

I am sitting in a very upbeat Starbucks. The moments here are fast paced and cheerful. It has been a while since I’ve seen you friend, I have not been writing for a long time. 560 more words


TW:Rome II - House of Julia LP 05

We conduct our first major naval battle, and it is glorious (and auto resolved) (253 B.C.).

Game: Rome Total War II – Julia Campaign
Let’s Play #05… 77 more words


*Update!* Magic, Abilities, Auras Remade etc...

“Update! Lots of Fixes and new content!
Let the Magicks begin!”
Magic is love but “States” is life!
After messing around with couple of “new” magics, we came to understand of how powerful the magic states really are and that magic works better with them.
590 more words

News report on the battle on Long Island

This is my news report on the battle of Long Island that contributed to the Revolutionary War.

The video is a little wobbly. But I think I did a great job on the project.


We're being Setup

As I searched the headlines this morning, and skimmed several articles about muslim violence and horrors, Christian baiting and hate crimes, mall violence on Black Friday, whites against blacks and blacks against whites, and all the other grim and despicable events that are currently in the news, I was struck by an overwhelming sense we are being setup. 547 more words

Christian Living

Hearthstone: Tavern Brawl | Battle of Tol Barad

This week a whole hoard of magical creatures have escaped from Tol Barad, now when ever you play a minion, you get a spell of the same cost for free! 250 more words