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Battle of the Masters of the 4th Age

          He dropped down to his knees, holding the weight of his body with a touch of his left palm on the muddy dirt that kept receiving liquid blood coming out from his torn scalp. 433 more words


The Battle of Waterloo

A look at one of the largest European war re-enactments, the 200th anniversary of Napoleons last stand south of Brussels.

With Mitch’s parents now in London, he had a good chance to show them around some of the different sights. 1,043 more words


The Small Goddess & The Reluctant Thief

Note: Another entry into a contest. The prompt was to write a tavern-based fight scene in 1,000 words or less. It’s tough for me to stay within a word limit and still keep things understandable, so this was a challenge! 1,014 more words


Ghoul Hunter Part I

It was two o’clock on a cold winters morning and a man all in black was walking through a poor neighbourhood. His thick hooded coat flapped gently in a slight breeze and the fog from his breath was carried away. 1,858 more words


Blinded With Faith

I have many unanswered questions that at times I feel won’t allow me to move forward. However, God has enlightened me with ease, with a thought… “It’s not time for you to know the answers”. 38 more words

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#Splatfest Splattergeddon

#Splatfest Splattergeddon

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

It’s here and as the party is ready to kick off in the good old US of A, for Independence day, fireworks to be soaring into the sky above, the party has kicked off in Europe and Northern America as Splatfest is here. 511 more words