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Lost between snatches of the elements

peeled back by long fingernails

grimed with dried crimson.

The monster gapes a wide-toothed smile

and watches at the battle. 23 more words


Scars of strength

Nobody who has braved and fought a battle comes away unscarred, even those who are victorious and especially those who have fallen. But our scars are not a mark of shame but a mark of strength, whether victorious or fallen. 39 more words


Officiously repeating actions was as if to choke on the lifeblood fence
of a simple gesture; she had remained silent already too long, distressed from what had been bottled up all along. 298 more words



Waking up with a heavy head,
my heart was pulling at the brain cells
pulsing against my skull,
an angry migraine in the bright of light… 119 more words


That Astonishing Infantry’ – The Albuera Counter-Attack I

The beginning of the battle – Polish Lancers (four platoons – one hundred cavalrymen) in a challenge with English soldiers 3rd Dragoon Guards.


Colborne’s brigade… 3,961 more words


That Astonishing Infantry’ – The Albuera Counter-Attack II

At the head of the little valley behind the Ridge, Latour-Maubourg’s cavalry found themselves confronted by Lumley’s dragoons and both sides reined in to watch the other warily. 3,748 more words


That Astonishing Infantry’ – The Albuera Counter-Attack III

For both commanders, the crisis of the battle had now been reached. It was unusual for the French to display such iron tenacity in a prolonged firefight, and they were doing so now because they believed they were winning. 2,818 more words