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Preachah be like

The book of Jude is dedicated to all you super-preachers out there, those of you especially the ones who are using the tactic known as “Word of Faith.” I don’t need to call you out by name, God’s people are smart enough to spot you. 1,929 more words

Bible Based

King Monster Killed My Pappy When I Was Just A Baby Boy, Part 2: Them Dang Ghosts Won't Let Me Sleep A Wink So I Gotta Keep 'Em Company Around This Here Ghost Fire

I come to Cheeseman Park to get away from King Monster who’s all stomping around downtown Denver looking for me so he can eat me so I stop beating up on his monster children who are all really pretty terrible by most standards and I think King Monster should feel ashamed by his kiddies all running around and hiding in the shadows and jumping out and eating people after defiling them in terrible ways. 1,021 more words


A YEAR UNDERFOOT - entry #235

June 27th, 2034

I had another vision last night.

The Threak intend to colonize the planet.

Phase two of the invasion.

Families, farms, factories, – the works. 8 more words

Fear Factor 

Judges 7:3
“Now therefore, proclaim in the hearing of the people, saying, ‘Whoever is fearful and afraid, let him turn and depart at once from Mount Gilead. 403 more words


The battle against femininity

So often in life when we meet someone new, the first thing we ask is “so, what do you do”. What we are really asking is: 552 more words



Gideon and the chosen men

When God called Gideon to claim back their land that was plundered by the Midianites, he was taken aback as he belonged to the weakest clan and was the youngest in his family. 294 more words


The Noble Order of Time

At a round table sit three highly skilled knights,

Their weapons, although different, are often intertwined.

The first knight carries a heavy broad axe,

With a slow swing but extraordinarily strong. 174 more words

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