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What is it good for?

War is a part of our reality. I may live in Suburbia, USA and not physically see it outside my door, but many in this world do. 356 more words


Finding Beauty in the Blinding Fog

Everyone who lives in the central valley knows a lot about fog. Some love it, the rest of us aren’t so fond of the dense blockade that surrounds us every so often.

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Guaranteed Victory (Video)

Today’s morning thought video now on Youtube. Feel free to share.

Morning Thought

Lead Sling bullets that whistle

A recent excavation at what is believed to be the site of the first battle of the Roman invasion of Scotland around 140 AD, has uncovered a number of lead slingshot that contained drilled holes. 57 more words


The God of the Ridiculous

Morning Thought: Do you know God may call you to do ridiculous things? He called Gideon with only three hundred men to blow the trumpet, declaring war on an army that was as numerous as the sand on the seashore. 102 more words

Morning Thought
“There is a current stirring deep inside It’s overflowing from the heart of God The flood of heaven crashing over us The tide is rising, rising… We come alive in the river.
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Inchon and Seoul, 1950 I

A Marine squad, supported by an M-26 General Pershing tank of the 1st Marine Tank Battalion, moves through Seoul under fire. (USMC)

After World War II the American military jettisoned the vast bulk of the superb ground force that had fought and won the war. 2,272 more words