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Prepare yourself (Day 20 of the #encourage marathon)

Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.

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Khalkhin-Gol (1939)

Khalkhyn Gol, August 1939. Offensive of Soviet BT-7 tanks.

Grigori Shtern, Khorloogiin Choibalsan and Georgy Zhukov at Khalkhin Gol.

Lieutenant General M. Komatsubara’s 23rd Infantry Division had been destroyed utterly – scarcely one man in a hundred escaping – on the empty borderlands of the Khalkhin-Gol river between Outer Mongolia and Manchuria. 3,568 more words


Battle For The Overworld Is Refurnishing With Development

Also understood as Dungeon-Keeper-without-the-copyright, War for the Overworld left Alec’s glasses brilliant pink– it was merely similar sufficient to the old dungeon administration game making him nostalgic of the old days, but it really did not take care of to conjure up the… 8 more words


Lady Blades

My father was an elf, my mother, an orc. You can spare me that look—the one where you cringe, as the others did before you, trying to imagine what perversions drew him to her. 190 more words

Desert song

I always hated the desert. I hated the vast endless of rock and nothingness, never-ending, never receding. Maybe it had something to do with the loneliness and melancholy the desert brings. 348 more words

Total amount Battle: Warhammer is the fastest-selling Overall Battle online game ever

Method masters.

Technique video game Total amount Battle: Warhammer, which is still not called Total Warhammer, is the fastest-selling Total amount Dry run ever.
It sold over half a million duplicates in the very first few days on sale, programmer Creative Assembly claimed. 7 more words