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I can’t think of anything. After what I just saw, will anyone be able to think of anything. Just what was that, and why me? Why was I the one who had to see it? 515 more words

Short Stories

Parenting 💭

A while ago I made a post about how mothers who refuse real access to fathers and their children and I even now I still feel the same way. 293 more words


The endless battle -- Life.

What is a battle?

My kind of definition would be, a battle is only consequence of matters built up in the past and I believe the true contest lies in choosing our actions well before the dawn of battle. 396 more words


Wicked Rising - progress report

Just a quick update on the progress of Wicked Rising. Another battle scene written, another disaster averted by sending a dragon as a messenger to another wizard that was walking into a trap and Whitestone Castle has been attacked. 130 more words


ABH Brow Wiz vs Colourpop Brow Pencil: битва олівців для брів

Мабуть всі знають, що віднедавна, брови – то наше все :) Навіть колись прочитала, як образити дівчину в 2015 – fuck you, and your eyebrows! Турбота про брови настільки захопила бюті світ, що навіть я почала їх малювати :) Брехати не буду, до цієї епопеї з бровами, сама їх ніколи не підмальовувала, але вже коли почала, зупинитись не можу. 60 more words


REVIEW: Runbow

Runbow is a 9 player party platformer action game which has some cut throat multiplayer battles. Does it race away to victory against its other competitors or gets sweeped across in its own colours, let’s find out: 810 more words


Lollipop Chainsaw(Pachislot) by FUJI


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Lollipop Chainsaw”, a highly popular horror action video game not only in Japan but also at overseas. 54 more words