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Mastering Strategy with The Behemoth's 'Pit People'

I have a confession: I have played a lot of The Behemoth‘s new game, Pit People. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the development team and trying Pit People at PAX East 2017, which was one of the first major unveilings for the game since release. 589 more words

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BattleBlock Theater Review

The Trailer is from The Behemoth‘s YouTube channel.

BattleBlock Theater is The Behemoth‘s 2D platformer game which was released in 2013. I have purchased the game in 2015 yet still cannot get myself off from it. 472 more words

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I don’t get a lot of free time on Saturdays because I work til 06:00, then sleep til 15:00 and have to start thinking about cooking dinner at 18:00 so I’m all ready to go to work again not long after. 406 more words

BattleBlock Theater (PC) Review

This is the fourth game I have managed to complete in a week which is more than I managed to do in 2 months last year. 681 more words

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Let's Look at: Pit People (Beta)

Join Addam as he recovers from a cold and plays the Pit People beta, the newest game from The Behemoth. The tactical RPG seems like it could be cool, assuming that it maintains the simple gameplay and easy to understand movement mechanics.

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