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Veðr Járnleikr II

Things for the ‘Stormy’ Clusterfuck Roam are getting sorted rather quickly. Already have the hulls and all bits to fit them up in place and have fitted out a few hulls in prep. 108 more words

EVE Online

Veðr Járnleikr

The Hurricane and the Cyclone are two of my favourite hulls in New Eden but probably two of my most under used. I’m going to fix that with a… 121 more words

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HMS Furious, 1918. 1/192 Model

This model of this very unique configuration is preserved at the Imperial War Museum. Full info in this ship here.


Battlecruiser design studies for the Royal Netherlands navy 1939-40, with plans.

This fundamental essay addresses the designs Netherlands Navy developed just before the WWII.

Designs covered:

  • German drawing 21.7.1939;
  • IVS Plans project 323;
  • NEVESBU project 1047 plan and profile;
  • 19 more words
Never Weres

Cassone's large battlecruiser proposal, 1921

As far as I know, this is the largest battleship ever discussed for the Regia Marina. The original article is included in Rivista Marittima’s October, 1921 issue, titled “La fase attuale dell’evoluzione delle navi da battaglia (studio critico)” (The ships of the line current evolution status – a critical essay) by eng. 151 more words


USN 1933 Battlecruiser study

A follow on of the article “Building the limit”, by Alan D. Zimm, Warship International, 1976.