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The USN Cherrytrees – The Lexington class Part 3/3

Author’s note: Before we move on to the 3rd and final chapter I need to make a slight correction and an addition to the first two parts. 3,415 more words


The USN Cherrytrees – The Lexington class Part 2/3

Near-Final designs

In it’s original form Design 150 had a 5”/127mm belt and eight 14”/356mm guns (nothing special so far) but could make an astinishing 35 knots with it’s 218.000 SHP and at the same time had a range of an excellent 12.000 nautical miles. 3,120 more words

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Veðr Járnleikr II

Things for the ‘Stormy’ Clusterfuck Roam are getting sorted rather quickly. Already have the hulls and all bits to fit them up in place and have fitted out a few hulls in prep. 108 more words

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