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Warship Projects Profile No.AH001a

First from a series of 6 battlecruiser designs done mid-war in 1916 to evaluate a possible fast wing addition to the dreadnought fleet.

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Warship Projects Profile No.US301D

The fourth and biggest design in the ALASKA class preliminary series, it investigated a combination of maximum protection vs. the 12″/50 Mark 7 gun between 15.000-20.000 yards with an addition of a triple turret over CA-2C. 22 more words

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The Viper, Victorious

I said I was going to build a cruiser in the Vic Viper configuration, and here it is, more or less.

Another corner build using my lone Blacktron quarter panel (I need to get another one of those so that it can become a by-choice deal rather than a by-necessity), it has all the features required for a proper Vic Viper, but in a cruiser format. 268 more words


Warship Projects Profile No.GB001a&b

This design is covered in detail here

Variant with alternative  aft secondary battery arrangement

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French Battleship & Battlecruiser – Tier IV, V & VI Proposal by Volcanares

In today’s article I bring you all Tier IV, V and VI French Battleship and Battlecruiser, proposed by Volcanares. Later this week I’ll publish another article with Tiers VII, VIII, IX and X. 466 more words

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French Battleship & Battlecruiser - Tier II & III Proposal by Volcanares

Hello everyone,

Volcanares emailed me a big file whith loads of French Battleships and Battlecruisers. He created a proposal branch that mixes both battleships and battlecruisers, with several alternatives on some tiers. 446 more words

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The Dutch never built battle cruiser at the Dutch shipyard De Kon. Mij. De Schelde at Vlissingen, Netherlands in 1939/1940

This article is by  Ron van Maanen, pictures by Alexander van Maanen

In the 1930s became it more and more clear that Japan was increasing her influence in the Far East and a threat for the Dutch East Indies with the oil resources. 1,507 more words

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