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HMS Indomitable BC, 1/192 Model

This model is preserved at the Imperial War Museum. Full info in this ship here.


Jutland Centenary – 18:30 HMS Invincible Explodes

Detached from the Grand Fleet HMS Invincible and her two sister ships have already driven back the German cruiser screen and now encounter their battlecruisers.  Flagship of the German battlecruisers Lützow, now comes under fire from a number of ships including Invincible, receiving damage that will ultimately prove fatal. 24 more words

Jutland Centenary – 17:33 The Grand Fleet Moves South

By now aware that a major engagement is underway Admiral Jellicoe orders forward his own battlecruisers and armoured cruisers. These encounter and force back the leading elements of the German cruiser screen ensuring that the main German Fleet receives no warning of the approaching Grand Fleet.  32 more words

Jutland Centenary – 16:25 HMS Queen Mary explodes

The battlecruiser HMS Queen Mary, under fire from Derfflinger and Seydlitz explodes. Of her 1275 man crew there are 9 survivors.

Jutland Centenary – 16:05 HMS Indefatigable explodes

Under fire from the Von der Tann, HMS Indefatigable falls out of line before receiving another hit to the forward turret. The magazine detonates breaking Indefatigable in two. 9 more words