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Favourite PC Games - Party Chat

It’s that time of the week to have another Party Chat. This week, Dan and I reminisce about some of our favourite PC gaming memories. 56 more words


The Confessions of a Griefer: Power, Justice, and MLG Griefing

September 18, 1942. An eager cadet tears open the cockpit of a freshly-spawned fighter plane. He grasps the controls and starts the engine, while his cheerful friends look on from a hillside. 2,237 more words


Life After Call of Duty and Battlefield

Last generation (PS3 and Xbox 360) the gaming world was introduced to various first person shooter experiences, and two of the biggest were from the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. 775 more words


Battlefield 1942: Not Dead Yet!

Life took an abrupt and uncomfortable turn when the game tracking service GameSpy was retired, which effectively punctured the gaming experience for Battlefield 1942 enthusiasts. Suddenly our games would go hang, and it was no longer possible to find servers to play on. 264 more words


Digital Salad: Goodbye Old Friend

This month sees the passing away of a dear old friend of mine in the gaming world. It has gone almost unnoted, expect for a small footnote in digital history. 467 more words

Video Game

History of Nazis in Games

A thought-provoking video segment on Nazis, first-person shooters, and how we view war in entertainment culture.