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Are Games Simply Worse Than They Used To Be?

Many years ago I used to be able to sit down for hours on end and simply game. Every so often I’d put aside an entire weekend just to play my current favourite addiction: no chores, no family, nothing but gaming. 787 more words


Junk drawer

A collection of non-shitposts I’ve written elsewhere on various videogame topics.

About Battlefield 2142

Battlefield 2142 was the best BF title.

The class balance was superior. 2,497 more words

Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC teases Battlefield 2143 game to come in the near future?

DICE revealed their final DLC expansion trailerĀ for Battlefield 4 a few days ago and announced that the last DLC pack, Final Stand will include some the addition of some high tech weaponry and vehicles. 230 more words


A Battlefield Classic Mode Will Be Delivered With The Next Battlefield 4 Patch And Might Add The Battlefield 2 Gameplay Experience

Good news For all Battlefield players who always prefered the gameplay experience of older Battlefield titles. DICE added a patch to the Community Test Environment (CTE) that includes a Battlefield classic mode. 314 more words


The Titans Have Dropped

The next-gen First Person Shooter is upon us. The most exciting and enticing game of the decade that screams change for the genre, Titanfall. I personally don’t agree. 182 more words


Titan A.E. Fall Mashup


The advanced warfare of tomorrow gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault Pilot and agile, heavily armored… 76 more words


Top Five Online Multiplayer Games I've Played So Far

Number 5 – Dungeon Defenders

This is an interesting one, a mixture between 3rd person action RPG and a tower defense game in the vein of stuff likeĀ  1,148 more words