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BF3 - Systical Intactions with Madvaz

BF3 moments with Vader582, Gronar and Madvaz from BetrayThis. ┬áIntro features “trailers” for upcoming Gucci Films.


BF3 - Armored Kill with Madvaz

BF3 clips from matches with the legendary entity known as “Madvaz”.


Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

At some point, I was just like, “Hey I gotta sample this Battlefield which everyone on the internet is talking about”. I had to at least have an idea of why the FPS fan base is split in to two violent clans that are almost at each other’s throats: The COD (just in case some don’t know what this is, that’s short for “Call of Duty”) fanboys vs the Battlefield fanboys. 759 more words


For really real; No seriously, I'm here to stay.


So I just spent about 3 hours watching and reading material on how to get my YouTube game up to snuff. And for those curious, I’ll be gaming related commentary, funny clips, montages, and generally whatever I feel is compelling within that scope. 847 more words

League Of Legends

Gadgets I'm Excited For! (BF: Hardline)

Battlefield: Hardline will feature many new gadgets for both online play and the new “epic” story line. Here’s a small list of some toys I’m excited for. 151 more words

Battlefield 4