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Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

At some point, I was just like, “Hey I gotta sample this Battlefield which everyone on the internet is talking about”. I had to at least have an idea of why the FPS fan base is split in to two violent clans that are almost at each other’s throats: The COD (just in case some don’t know what this is, that’s short for “Call of Duty”) fanboys vs the Battlefield fanboys. 759 more words


For really real; No seriously, I'm here to stay.


So I just spent about 3 hours watching and reading material on how to get my YouTube game up to snuff. And for those curious, I’ll be gaming related commentary, funny clips, montages, and generally whatever I feel is compelling within that scope. 847 more words

League Of Legends

Gadgets I'm Excited For! (BF: Hardline)

Battlefield: Hardline will feature many new gadgets for both online play and the new “epic” story line. Here’s a small list of some toys I’m excited for. 151 more words

Battlefield 4

Best Gaming Easter Eggs - Part III

Although more prevalent in the past than in this day and age, everybody loves finding Easter Eggs in their video games. From subtle references to other games, films or anything in-between to whole levels imitating a particular section of another title, finding these surprises might seem trivial to some, although fans of said games certainly appreciate a developer’s effort. 367 more words


Lourens 2.0

This is me, the next phase* of my life:

1)It’s 5 pm. I wake up. I have to clock in at work at 6:30.

2)I work. 402 more words

The "Season Pass"

Throughout the past few FPS titles (and other AAA titles in general), a trend has seemed to occur.  It’s become quite difficult to find a game without any additional content, day one DLC, customization packs, map packs, more missions, etc. 609 more words