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Battlefield 4-යුද්ධයක අරුමය

ඉතින් අද අරගෙන ඇවිල්ලා තියෙන්නේ Electronic Arts Company එකෙන් ගහපු Battlefield Series එකේ ගොඩක්ම Hit වුනු Game එකක් ගැන.ඒ තමයි මේ Battlefield 4 Game එක. 85 more words



It has come to our attention that certain information has been circulating online regarding both the 8bit clan members and 8bit servers, we are happy to report that both claims are in fact 100% false and baseless. 484 more words

Battlefield 4

Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels Ever Made

It is getting very common to see that every game once in a while gets a sequel and most of the times Developers tries to improve the second game. 660 more words


Battlefest Free Items

As many of you may already know, this year DICE has its 25th anniversary Battlefest, with this players of Battlefield games will receive some perks. Starting March 29th to March 31 11:59PM UTC there will be 2XP for all players. 121 more words

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Gaming: From Mario Bros. to Battlefield 4 - A Journey

I still remember those days in the late 80’s when the best form of entertainment during summer holidays was Mario Bros on Nintendo. It was the hottest game then and in spite of soar thumbs and fingers, all I could actually think of was making sure Mario and Luigi working at the bottling factory were able to prepare packages of bottles to be loaded onto a delivery truck. 436 more words

Most Disastrous Video Game Game Launches Of All Time

Like the gaming equivalent of buying a car, having it break down and seeing the supplier shrug their shoulders, far too many of us were left completely out in the open, our empty wallets flapping in the breeze. 755 more words