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All Battlefield 4 DLC Currently Available Free of Charge

With the Battlefield 1 Beta now finished, EA and DICE are ensuring that they keep the hype train running with their “Road to Battlefield” promotion by giving all major DLC packs for… 163 more words


Battlefield 1 Open Beta – The First Impressions

War. War never changes. And Battlefield 1 proves it.

Ain’t no getting around it, the open beta does feel like a reskin. Where Hardline felt like a different game, and not in a good way, Battlefield 1 plays like WWI DLC for BF4. 525 more words


Why Battlefield 4 Is One Of The Worst Video Game Launches Of All Time

Sometimes, a product is released to the general public in a genuinely defective state. In most cases, this is done by mistake, the faulty product is immediately recalled and consumers get offered refunds appropriate to their purchase. 207 more words

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Battlefield 4: Lucky Shot

We travel once again to the front lines of virtual war!

Ed teaches helicopters what “No Fly Zone” means. Who needs lock on anyway? I’ll tell you who, scrubs with no skill. 32 more words


Battlefield 4 - Pete gets crushed

Ed and Pete are just having a nice day at war on the beach in Battlefield 4. Then really bad things happen.

No audio as this was recorded through PS4’s recording feature.


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Battlefield 4 – EA의 지난 게임은 공짜로 풀어주는 EA Access덕분에 공짜로 잘 즐겼다…

아제르바이쟌에서 시작해 상하이도 갔다가 싱가폴도 가고 중국 내륙으로 끌려가 신장/티벳도 헤메다가 수에즈 운하에서 끝난다.. 스펙터클 쩔어주심…화려함에 눈요기 잘했다.. (허나 한군데도 가보질 않아서 실사 검증은 불가…)



Battlefield vs COD

So, currently there are two BIG games coming out, and that’s Battlefield 1 and No Mans Sky. I am very excited for both of them, but No Mans Sky comes out sooner, so I gotta get it. 1,169 more words