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Winter Patch in un video

Ecco, riassunte in un video, tutte le modifiche principali apportate a Battlefield 4 con la Winter Patch


Rok Gibson Presents: Will Ferrell Hacked My Battlefield 4 Account

Our friend Rok Gibson’s Battlefield 4 account on Xbox Live has been compromised! Okay, not really. But still, Ron Burgundy and video games make for a beautiful combination. 57 more words


Lo Sniper su Battlefield 4

Siete appassionati del ruolo dello Sniper in Battlefield 4? Bene! in questo video viene spiegato quali fucili utilizzare, quali gadgets e il metodo di lettura del mirino.


Battlefield 4 dopo la WInter Patch

La tanto attesa Winter Patch è stata pubblicata agli inizi di marzo, molti player però non sanno quali modifiche sono state apportate a Battlefield 4 dopo questo aggiornamento. 1,178 more words


Battlefield: Hardline (Multiplayer Pros and Cons)


  • Crazy destruction. You’re in a crowded ghetto and buildings just crumble around you. Dice and Visceral Games take advantage of the vibration feature. Your controller almost vibrates off your hand as the virtual world crumbles to your feet.
  • 156 more words
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Battlefield: Hardline (Game Review) WTF?

A lukewarm experience.

A game that promised so much, but when it came to deliver, it left you wanting a bit more; for the story that is. 278 more words

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