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Battlefield 4 With New Squad Conquest Mode

Battlefield 4 will soon be updated with a new game mode called Squad Conquest.
The new competitive game mode puts a new spin on the five-a Conquests. 94 more words

My thoughts on people ranting about Final Stand DLC for Battlefield 4

There are people not enjoying Railgun, new hover tank in last DLC called Final Stand  for Battlefield 4. The reasons are because futuristic being things don’t exits, and also not being realistic  in ways. 190 more words

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Rumor: All Future Battlefield 4 Content Will Be Free

Battlefield 4 is almost two years old at this point, but it seems that developer DICE is continuing to support fans by releasing new maps and other content. 18 more words

The Megalodon returns: Latest CTE patch of Battlefield 4

The Battlefield 4 Megalodon easter egg is back according to players testing the next CTE patch, and it’s not lost any of its fearsome charm. It’s one of two easter eggs that are supposedly inside the Paracel Storm map, the other of which DICE are remaining extremely tight lipped about. 86 more words

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The Golden Age of Waiting, Oh I mean Gaming

Picture the scene. It’s a cold autumn evening and all around you is a see of people sneezing, coughing and whatever other forms of disgusting things humans do. 899 more words


Hey people of the Internet!

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I am a Youtuber who just started late last year. I have uploaded 20 videos so far and they all have about 6 views on them, average. 116 more words