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God Uses A Foolish Debate

If you watched the first presidential debate last night, this morning you might be recovering from a headache, stomach pain or still trying to get the bitter taste out of your mouth because the residue of mixed emotions about the outcome of the upcoming election is still  weighing on your mind. 346 more words

My Poetic Justice

I wished our start was different. I’d ran from the abusive arms of another man. I’d wished I had it all together. So, my self abuse you wouldn’t have needed to comprehend. 362 more words


My intention for this blog is to never ‘preach’ but to talk about real issues especially mental health, depression etc that even as a Christian I battle with. 384 more words

Try not to think

I am slowly but surely slipping into depression, again.

From this point onwards in this post, I will be writing in the past tense as I believe our words are powerful: they hold the power to bring into existence the things we express. 1,236 more words

Series Redesign of Joyce Meyer's Most Popular Collection

I recently redesigned five of Joyce Meyer’s most popular books and worked with Jessie Ford who has done a brilliant job illustrating these. The aim was to create covers with simple, bold, graphic shapes/objects (fairly abstract) with interesting textures applied. 60 more words

Book Design

Protect Thy Mind

I use to be that person who would take things so personal that when someone says something unpleasant I would ponder on those words for days. 146 more words


Resources I used: A follow-up on depression

Happy Saturday! It’s beautiful here in New York – I decided to take a long walk this morning and all the bugs in my neighborhood, who were apparently excited about the weather as well,  decided to join me…so I’m sitting here writing and itching. 923 more words