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When people do things to hurt you. Who do you think is the victim? You? Oh no you’re mistaken. They are the captives of their own minds and that’s the worse captivity there is. 18 more words


Redeeming the Christian Mind, Part 3 - What does the Christian Mind Look like?

A basic definition

When I talk about the “Christian mind” I’m talking about “the mental life of Christians informed and dignified by Christian faith including (1) Reason, (2) Perception, (3) Understanding, (4) Deciding, (5) Discerning, (6) Belief, (7) Memory, and (8) Creativity.” … 3,276 more words


Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer - Ch 3 Don't Give Up!

No matter how bad the condition of your life and your mind, don’t give up! Regain the territory the devil has stolen from you. If necessary, regain it one inch at a time, always leaning on God’s grace and not on your own ability to get the desired results.

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Battlefield Of The Mind

Renewing Your Mind is Not Simple or Instant

So as I’m studying Joyce Meyer’s book about the renewal of your mind… learning to remove negative thinking from your life, and replace it with positive thinking… it’s not easy, and it’s not instant. 523 more words

Battlefield Of The Mind

Holding On

Hello precious one of God, I hope your week has started in a wonderful way in The Lord.

In life, God calls us to serve Him, but as we’ve previously said, it’s not because you’re a Christian that everything will be easy for you. 752 more words

Holy Spirit

Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer - Chapter 2 A Vital Necessity

Thoughts are powerful, and according to the book of Proverbs, they have creative ability. Joyce Meyer

This is so true. How we think affects what we become. 590 more words

Battlefield Of The Mind

Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer - Chapter 1 The Mind is a Battlefield

Ephesians 6:12 shows us we are in a war. I’ve battled with my own thoughts for far too long – I know this to be true.  436 more words

Battlefield Of The Mind