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It's probable cause, I don't need your consent (Battlefield: Hardline). The Rhetoric.

Well I am always pleasantly surprised when I stumble into a new release title that – well – does something new so to speak. Yes yes I can hear the statements now: “BF: hardline is DLC,” or “the game’s just Battlefield 4 but with a new coat of paint.” Indeed Hardline does little to change the formula for multiplayer – it is still Battlefield, just with “Civilianized” hardware, instead of military-grade weapons, vehicles, and camouflage. 484 more words


Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline Delayed

Bad news gamers. Both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield have both been delayed.

EA and BioWare have announced that DA: Inquisition will be delayed  until November 17th, which is about a month passed its previous date of October 7th. 249 more words

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Battlefield: Cops and Robbers

For the first time ever in the Battlefield series a new developer has stepped in to create Battlefield: Hardline and take us away from the traditional military background into a cops and robbers setting. 1,302 more words


I Hate That I Love You - Battlefield 4

An orange-red triangle lights up on my minimap; someone has spotted an enemy near me, and they’re headed my way. I change tack and ready my PDW, weapon trained on the corner. 748 more words


Battlefield 4 Carrier Strike Game Mode Arriving In Late March

The Battlefield 4 developers DICE have given out some information on their upcoming Carrier Assualt mode that rifts on the BF 2142′s Titan mode. The new mode is set on location of the South Chinese Sea, and the main aim is for two different sets of teams to destroy each others naval carrier. 273 more words

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Why isn't every game like... GoldenEye (N64)?

A strange phenomenon swept across the world in the Summer of 1997. It continued through the subsequent months, getting substantially worse over the festive period and stretching on through 1998 and beyond. 889 more words


Battlefield 4 open Beta Arriving in October (Gamescom 2013)

DICE’s very own Karl Magnus Troedsson had the privilege of introducing epic upcoming shooter Battlefield 4 during EA’s gamescom press event today. The most important news that he gave about the game, (and there was a lot) was that the open beta will be available for gamers in October. 147 more words

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