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It's probable cause, I don't need your consent (Battlefield: Hardline). The Rhetoric.

Well I am always pleasantly surprised when I stumble into a new release title that – well – does something new so to speak. Yes yes I can hear the statements now: “BF: hardline is DLC,” or “the game’s just Battlefield 4 but with a new coat of paint.” Indeed Hardline does little to change the formula for multiplayer – it is still Battlefield, just with “Civilianized” hardware, instead of military-grade weapons, vehicles, and camouflage. 484 more words


Dragon Age Inquisition and Battlefield Hardline Delayed

Bad news gamers. Both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield have both been delayed.

EA and BioWare have announced that DA: Inquisition will be delayed  until November 17th, which is about a month passed its previous date of October 7th. 249 more words

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Battlefield: Cops and Robbers

For the first time ever in the Battlefield series a new developer has stepped in to create Battlefield: Hardline and take us away from the traditional military background into a cops and robbers setting. 1,302 more words


I Hate That I Love You - Battlefield 4

An orange-red triangle lights up on my minimap; someone has spotted an enemy near me, and they’re headed my way. I change tack and ready my PDW, weapon trained on the corner. 748 more words